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Scratch has a few important rules, according to cheerful husband/wife owners Hans and Eden.

Ahem. Rule #1 : It's about having fun! When Scratch originally opened as a gallery, they realized quickly enough that the place was more like a club than an art house. People came to chat and have a nice time, not to stare at a wall and whisper musings to their friends. Plus, the word "gallery" itself can be intimidating, so the idea was "scratched". Cafe it was.

Scratch Table

Rule #2 : Bring people together. "There are a lot of lonely people out there," Eden says. Their first order of business was to make a big, communal table out of cement board. That way visitors can sip a cappuccino, surf using Wi-Fi and maybe start a confab with the person across the way. "A lot of interesting conversations have happened at that table." Possible additions in the future: singles nights, games nights.

Scratch Crafts

Rule #3 : Stay inclusive. When it comes to the baked goods, the art on the walls, the t-shirts and scarves for sale - everything is local. They want to promote Canadian music, fashion, art, food - even open to trying new coffees. As it stands, the only thing that's not Canadian in the cafe is their Intelligentsia roast, which is from Chicago. But the decaf (49th Parallel) is!

Scratch Scone

Rule #4 : Skip the attitude. Eden notes that we're so behind other countries when it comes to cafe culture, so where does all this 'tude stem from? She shrugs off 'proper lingo' that may be enforced by other cafes, and makes it clear that they won't impose haughty terminology on anybody. "Whether or not we're the most fashionable or popular, we have a quality that we like to stick to."

Scratch Counter

Sitting in Wychwood, on Bathurst just shy of St. Clair, Scratch's store front is decorated with graffiti by local artist Elicser (master of the "hug me" tree on Queen). Eden and Hans were told that setting up shop on that strip was the "kiss of death", but they believe in the neighbourhood (and the people who live in it) enough to give it a go. And I gotta say? I'm glad they did.

Wi-Fi : Yes

Hours: "If the door is open, come in!"

Monday - Sunday: 7:30am - 6pm

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