Pop Coffee Works Toronto

Pop Coffee Works

Pop Coffee Works is the cafe representation of a Mississauga-based roaster by the same name dealing in specialty grade, in-season coffee.

The third-wave cafe aims to make specialty coffee more accessible with pricing that’s a little more competitive on a choice of several brewing methods.

Pop Coffee Works Toronto

Fresh, crisp interiors by McMillan Design divide the space into a more open main area and a more sequestered nook on one side, plants and concrete creating industrial comfort.

pop coffee works torontoWalls are apparently painted purple in homage to brief Toronto resident Prince, part of the “pop” concept.

Pop Coffee Works Toronto

They chose the under-counter Mod Bar (now a part of La Marzocco) so that customers can more easily see what the barista is doing without bulky equipment in the way.

Pop Coffee Works Toronto

A latte ($4.25) is made with their OG Blend Espresso, which combines washed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Natural Ethiopia Guji and Washed Colombian Narino. Because Pop uses in-season coffee expect the beans matched to each brewing method to rotate.

Notes of green date, red apple, cranberry and milk chocolate are a little harder to pick out with milk involved, but without it you don’t get any of the expert latte art done here.

Pop Coffee Works TorontoPourover ($3.95) is made with Ecuadorian beans, and though it takes longer this method allows the fruity acidity of the light roast to come through a lot more, with sweet peach, pineapple, guava and caramelized sugar flavours.

Pop Coffee Works TorontoThey use sleek looking automatic filter coffee brewer Marco SP9 for pourover. The machine takes away the variables of hand brewing, delivering consistent brew every time.

Their baristas calibrate the machine regularly to find the best recipes to brew consistently and perfectly.

Pop Coffee Works Toronto

Cold brew ($4.50) is made with Ethiopian Guji beans, and is cooled solely by a giant coffee ice cube so it never gets diluted. Tangy juiciness comes through strongly in the cold brew too, with floral hints of mandarin, dried apricot and white tea.

Pop Coffee Works Toronto

Branded mugs ($10) are available for purchase along with bags of beans ($15) and other coffee accessories so you can recreate the specialty coffee you’ve had here at home.

Pop Coffee Works Toronto

The shop co-owned by Abe Shen and Lana Shi has free WiFi, the name Pop Coffee Works an allusion to the sweet sound of coffee being roasted.

Pop Coffee Works Toronto

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