Odd Espresso Bar Toronto

Odd Espresso Bar

Odd Espresso Bar takes up residence at the corner of Dufferin and College in a space that once housed a somewhat gloomy real estate agency. It’s since been transformed into a bright and spacious cafe serving Detour coffee and Desmond & Beatrice baked goods.

It’s run by Sina Djamshidiat, an actor who became interested in running a cafe based on the observational angles of characters it afforded. He’s fallen in love with meeting dozens of new people each day.

Odd Espresso Bar Toronto

The “odd” theme runs subtly throughout the place in the sense that there might be seven black chairs out of the 25 or so seats, and then suddenly there’s an orange or yellow chair.

Odd Espresso Bar Toronto

Pops of colour and basic but distinct mismatched shapes dominate the space. Djamshidiat changed everything himself from the ground up.

odd espresso barThey’re brewing espresso-based drinks using Detour’s Punch Buggy Espresso, so named because it’s supposed to be like a reliable car: unique and friendly, stable but versatile, suitable for many different drinks. All drinks are double shots, $3.45 for a latte.

Odd Espresso Bar Toronto

During my visit I was served by Chad, an affable Australian gentleman responsible for the Australian rock music piping through the cafe and the witty signs outside that always catch my eye at this bustling corner.

Odd Espresso Bar Toronto

On deck today we have Desmond & Beatrice’s oreo and “unicorn poop” cookies ($2.50). Go for oreo if you’re a chocolate lover, or dive into those rainbow sprinkles if you’re a sugar cookie fan. Vegan cookies are also on offer.

Odd Espresso Bar Toronto

They also have vegan snacks like a chia, mango, coconut and granola parfait ($5.25). Otherwise, there are sandwiches like this basic roast turkey ($8.20) from Noushe, thick slices of meat topped with garlic parm aioli, and some smoked havarti and arugula I wish the sandwich had more of.

Odd Espresso Bar Toronto

Printed-out film posters also pay homage to Djamshidiat’s acting background, and he says they’re great conversation starters.

Odd Espresso Bar TorontoVarious kitschy books populate funky shelves as well as small games.

Odd Espresso Bar TorontoDjamshidiat is always looking for local artists to feature and sell their work through the space, such as Electa Porado and their own barista, Sara Sadrolhefazi.Odd Espresso Bar Toronto

Photos by

Hector Vasquez

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