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Maderas is a small coffee shop brewing up special roasts from the mountain ranges of Colombia. 

Sitting right at the corner of College and Ossington, this plant-filled cafe takes its name from the Spanish word for wood — an ode to the farm land its coffee beans are grown on, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

maderas cafe torontoAs one of the world's highest ranges along the coast, beans from this Northern Colombian mountain range are coveted for their dynamic flavours and eco-friendly production. 

maderas cafe torontoOwners Mikhala Miller and Jairo Pombo grow their beans on two hectares of Pombo's family farm in The Sierra. 

maderas cafe torontoTheir beans are roasted in small batches by an expert in Cartagena, who only roasts 25 to 30 kilos at a time to ensure a consistent quality. 

maderas cafe torontoWhen we visit, they have two roasts available: the Angel and a slightly more roasted Angry Angel, both named after the 'angel hands' of their coffee pickers on The Sierra. 

maderas cafe torontoIf you're interested, Miller or Pombo will be more than happy to give you a coffee education on where their beans come from.

maderas cafe torontoTheir store also carries goods like mochila bags and bracelets made by people from the native Wayuu community. 

maderas cafe torontoA regular drip coffee is $3 for a large; a cortado is $3.75. 

A highly-traditional order is the tinto ($1.50), a hot black coffee sweetened with panela, or pressed cane sugar.

maderas cafe torontoTinto has had an interesting evolution as a small cup of joe for the working class, kind of like the Nescafe of Colombia but using third-rate beans. Obviously the tinto at Maderas uses a much better bean. 

maderas cafe torontoGrab it with some delicious empanadas from Gaucho Pie Co. There's always a selection of at least four types for $3.50, including beef, chicken, and one with pork and pineapple. 

maderas cafe torontoThere are also pastelitos ($3.50 each) from Colombus Bakery. These flaky pasries come filled with flavours like guava and cheese. 

maderas cafe torontoOne of my favourite parts of the cafe, aside from the awesome coffee, is that it has an entire fridge dedicated to Colombian sodas like Postobon (grape, pineapple, and apple), Bretana club soda and Colombiana kola. 

maderas cafe torontoDon't forget the alfajores. 

maderas cafe torontoMaderas doesn't have WiFi, so it's definitely more of a caffeinate-and-go (or stay for hours and eat Colombian candy) kind of place.

maderas cafe toronto

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Fareen Karim

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