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Hank's manager Angie just wants people to know their location, that's all. So maybe 9 1/2 Church St is a weird address, but when you're the delightful sidekick to Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar , you could go addressless and people would still find you. And anyway, Angie feels it in her bones that Hank's will be one of Toronto's best coffee houses soon enough! Bones that are warmed by Hank's hearty stews, sandwiches, in-house cookies and pastries, *drool* ... but I digress. Where were we?

Hank's Danish

Oh, yes. So Hank's opened around Thanksgiving, occupying a small space directly beside JK Wine Bar. In fact, open the door to find the washroom and bam! There you are, amongst JK diners. On busy nights (Thurs-Sat), Hank's opens up to JK overflow, serving classy old school cocktails (Manhattan, anyone?) and bar snacks (like roasted almonds or marinated olives, both $3).

Hanks Inside.jpg

But enough about that wine bar, pshaw - this is about Hank's, and their commitment to cafe greatness. With two champion baristas on staff (Samuel was voted one of Toronto's best in Now Magazine), locally sourced foods, free wi-fi and a welcoming atmosphere, the Hank's crew are succeeding in bringing something different yet oh-so-familiar ("simple, good, soulful food") to the neighbourhood. And it's all under $12!

Hank's Green Tea

Angie says it feels like the first time this side space has had a soul - and with it comes comforting food "like your mom would make". Daily soup, stew, sandwiches built with St. John's bakery breads, baked goods and meats prepared in house, a straight-forward beverage menu skillfully prepared with Intelligentsia beans. Much thought is put into what they sell, with the goal of appealing to what the Esplanade locals might like. For instance, they'll soon add take-away items like meat pies to the line-up, perfect for condo dwellers around the corner.

Hank's Cookies

Let's not forget that Hank's uses Green Shift cups and containers - everything is recyclable (even the straws!). A place with brains and soul - sounds good to me.

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Hank's Cafe Toronto


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