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Good Good Coffee is a takeout coffee shop, serving single-origin cups of Joe, just as they are, without the theatrics presented at specialty coffee shops. 

There's no fancy words for sizes at Good Good Coffee, or an overwhelming amount of whipped cream in your cup, you just choose the style of coffee you want: latte, cappuccino, Americano, or plain drip.

good good coffeeThen, if you'd like, you can learn from owner Joe Gallo about where the coffee comes from, how it's made, and what flavours are present in each cup. 

Gallo calls himself a "coffee nerd", being a frequent coffee drinker, he knows a lot about roasting beans, and about what it takes to have your own business in the hospitality industry. 

Gallo's parents ran restaurants while he was growing up in Toronto, he says he's been exposed to the nature of hospitality since he was in a high chair. 

good good coffee torontoAlthough he went to film school, Gallo always found himself returning to the hospitality industry, landing a job as general manager at Pizza Libretto before lockdowns hit in 2020. 

When lockdowns happened, Gallo was unfortunately laid off, but it all worked out, because his love of coffee gave him the motivation to open his own establishment, just as his parents did. 

good good coffee torontoAll the coffee sold at Good Good is single-origin, think of the craft beer version of coffee, meaning there are no blends, the beans are strictly sourced from one farm, in one particular region in the world. 

good good coffee torontoGood Good offers light, medium, or dark coffees, that originate from Ethiopia, Columbia, and Brazil, and get roasted locally at their production facility in Toronto. Each type of coffee is sold by the bag, as well as in cups. 

good good torontoThe interior at Good Good Coffee is particularly unique, it shares a space with Beachman Bikes, a retail shop and viewing room for Cafe Racer e-bikes and accessories. 

good good torontoThe aesthetic of the Good Good brand matches the Cafe Racer lifestyle from the sixties. Vintage versions of the bikes stand around the shop, an old record player sits in the corner, and sixties-themed art decorate the walls. 

good good coffee torontoThe Blondie is a light brew that comes from the Gedeo region in Ethiopia picked from a farm called Desta Gola. Notes of passionfruit, orange, and fuji apple make up this brew, making it quite sweet, yet still bold in taste, even without any sugar or cream. 

You can choose to have this coffee in any form, but for the drip version, a simple cup starts at 8 oz for $3.50,  10 oz for $3.75, and 12 oz for $4.25. 

good good coffee toronotThe Midnight Run is on the darker side of coffee, coming from a farm called Fazenda Rainha, in the Sao Sebastio da Grama region of Brazil. 

Almond, chocolate, and caramel flavours bring out nutty aromas in this brew, making it a nicer sip for the fall or winter time. 

In latte form, this comes in one size only, 12 oz for $4.50. You can substitute regular milk, for oat (an extra $1.25) or almond and soy for an extra 75 cents. 

good good coffeeCookies are also sold at Good Good Coffee, they come from a pop-up at the shop by Courage Cookies, a Toronto company who donates five per cent of their overall revenue to organizations in need, such as Black Youth Helpline

Birthday cake, Angel Pillow, Brown Butter Rice Krispie, and Chocolate Chunk with Sea Salt, are the flavours sold at Good Good Coffee. They're priced at $3.25 each, or you can get 4 for $12, and 10 for $28. 

good good coffee torontoGood Good Coffee sits right beside the intersection of Keele and Dundas, although located inside of Beachman, a black and white street sign, with capital letters of the business' name is isolated to show you where to enter. 

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