Eagles nest Cafe Toronto

Eagles Nest

Eagles Nest is a Dundas West café and ice cream shop offering affogatos, something I always prepared at home but never knew actually had a name. Perhaps I need to brush up on my knowledge of Italian desserts, because I thought I was really onto something the day I poured some of my French press coffee over a bowl of cookie dough ice cream. But alas, the concoction already has a name, and--I'll admit--is more expertly prepared at the recently opened Eagles Nest on Dundas west of Ossington.

Eagles nest Cafe Toronto

The trick is, of course, to use a perfectly pulled shot of espresso and pour it over a scoop of ice cream (or gelato). Eagles Nest uses Maypole ice cream and Delta Platinum Blend espresso, not solely for its affogatos ($5.50), but also for its cones and coffee drinks.

Owner Claudio Nunes prepares me an affogato as he explains his motivation for opening the shop.

Eagles nest Cafe Toronto

"I grew up in this area," he tells me as he packs a shot. "I had a home décor company in this space, but I always wanted to do coffee. And with ice cream, I saw an opportunity. No one else was doing it."

Eagles nest Cafe Toronto

Claudio tells me he's been watching the area slowly pick up, and thought now would be the right time to open his own café. "The construction isn't helping, though," he says, motioning toward the orange pylons outside.

Eagles nest Cafe Toronto

Eagles Nest's menu is simple and concise. On the coffee end, there's drip ($1.40/$1.60), espresso ($1.75), Americano ($2.25), cappuccino ($3.25), and more, to be paired with baked treats from Circles and Squares. The ice cream comes in 12 flavours including Birthday Cake and French Vanilla, served in a cup or cone for $2.80 a scoop. There is also an assortment of Portuguese drinks such as Castello and Sumol.

Eagles nest Cafe Toronto

I try both the espresso and ice cream in the form of my affogato, which is served in a short glass. I dip my spoon in a bit prematurely, getting mostly strong espresso on the first taste. I wait a few moments until the ice cream begins to melt and swirl, and then go in for a second try, which ends up tasting wonderful. The espresso is mellowed by the creamy ice cream, sweet while still maintaining a distinct espresso flavour. It gets better an better as I get closer to the end, and indeed, puts my home concoction to shame.

Eagles Nest might offer free WiFi in the coming weeks, but as of yet is undecided. It is open Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m to 10p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Eagles nest Cafe Toronto

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