Dock Queen Toronto

The Dock on Queen

The Dock on Queen is designed to bring cottage vibes to the city. Owned by cousins Mimi O’Bonsawin and Adam Turgeon, this cafe with food as well as beer and wine in the afternoon was born out of a nostalgia for their Northern Ontario roots.

There’s a local emphasis when it comes to the offerings here. They realize they’re in a very community-based neighbourhood, and are doing everything they can to blend in with that.

Dock Queen Toronto

This includes a “stroller parking” area near the front of the front of the cafe, WiFi, USB outlets, and charging cables and headphones for sale at cash for $9.95. Their grandfather’s broken down canoe hangs above the barista area.

Dock Queen Toronto

Baked goods are made by Desmond & Beatrice, including vegan options like a banana peanut butter muffin and brownie ($2.75).

Dock Queen Toronto

They also rotate through other goods like a peanut butter bar, and their well-known cookies like chocolate chip, ginger snap, and cookies n’ cream.

Dock Queen Toronto

Savoury offerings like a cheddar and green onion scones ($2.75) are available too.

Dock Queen Toronto

Wraps and sammies by Foodbenders include a chipotle pulled pork ($11.50) that lives up to standard cafe fare, simple but grilled on the spot so it’s warm and crunchy.

Dock Queen TorontoOther options include BBQ chicken or eggplant, and they serve Foodbenders salads too. Pair one of these with a local Left Field or Side Launch beer or Big House wine.

Dock Queen Toronto

The sweet and girly coconut dream ($4.20) combines iced coffee and coconut syrup, and tops it with coconut whipped cream.

Dock Queen TorontoAll coffee is from Old Rock, a Sudbury company that does all their own roasting and blending. Dock is the first place in Toronto to offer their coffee.

Dock Queen TorontoIt makes for a smooth latte ($3.70) that goes down even easier knowing the beans were roasted locally.

Dock Queen Toronto

They use their espresso roast for all espresso drinks, including a creamy and balanced cappuccino ($3.40).

Dock Queen Toronto

Cupcakes are only available on weekends, but they’re moist, rich, and the icing is neither too stiff nor sweet.

Dock Queen Toronto

They didn’t pay for a single piece of wood in here, all of it is repurposed from the roof of an old schoolhouse up north, used for the tabletops, counters, walls, and even floorboards, which are decorated with cottage-y sayings.

The relaxing and convenient environment is what make this place.

Dock Queen Toronto

Photos by

Hector Vasquez

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