Destiny Tea Cafe & Lounge

Last night, finding myself along the outer limits of Toronto (literally hovering around the "Welcome to Toronto" sign) I was, frankly, quite out of my element. In the land of single sidewalked roads and vast parking lots, what is one to do on a Tuesday night?

Destiny Tea Cafe & Lounge ... that's what. Being the nearest spot open at such a late-night hour of 10:30pm, my 3 friends and I figured we'd go for some bubble tea.

Walking in, we realize the place is much bigger than it looked and styled like a wonderfully woodworked oldschool Chinese bar. Looking around at the tables, I realize it's actually a lot like an oldschool Italian bar back home -- all the folk are playing cards!


We're seated, and after 20 minutes, we've deciphered the symbol-ized ordering system. I scribble down a series of numbers, a + sign, a couple * symbols, a 2 with a box around it and a few minutes later... 4 drinks and a couple of finger food dishes. Amazing.


Then, my buddy Paul grins and says, "Guess what I've got?".

I fight the urge to cheekily reply, "Herpes?" and thankfully he answers his own question by pulling a deck of cards out of his pocket.

What the heck he was carrying them around for, I have no idea, but now we really fit right in.


The rest of the night is spent playing cards, chugging tapioca balls, and enjoying the friendly and ultra laid back space. Close to 2am, we pack it in, and head back to the core having had a taste of what an evening in suburban Chinatown can be.

We'll be back.


Destiny Tea & Cafe Lounge -- International Gourmet Street, Unit 115, 633 Silver Star Blvd. Scarborough. (416) 222-7799.

Destiny Tea Cafe & Lounge

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