Destiny asian fusion

Destiny Asian Fusion

Destiny Asian Fusion is a bubble tea business that's been expanding slowly but surely since 1998 from a simple tea shop to a full blown restaurant that also serves meals and desserts.

Though it's long been a mainstay in the area, Destiny's growth has always felt nominal at best. After two decades and three renovations, it now appears as though the bubble tea brand's Scarborough location has finally hit its stride.

destiny scarboroughThis big plaza property on Silver Star Boulevard looks woodsier than its airy second location in Richmond Hill. With 28-foot ceilings and a flock of shiny caged chandeliers adorning them, the two-floored restaurant feels sleek and almost upscale.

destiny scarboroughThere's tons of booth seating on the ground floor as well as the second storey, plus plenty of tables in between to accommodate a capacity of up to 200 people.

destiny scarboroughAlmost immediately upon walking in, you'll find a small corner of the restaurant dedicated to confectioneries like chocolate domes and lime tarts from Delysees that range from $6 to &9. They also carry cakes from the family-run Richmond Hill bakery La Rocca for $25 to $30.

destiny asian fusion destiny scarboroughWith a full kitchen, the menu here is more extensive than its Richmond Hill counterpart. Not only do they serve dim sum – the average price is about $3.99 per dish – they also have a huge selection of starters, platters, desserts, and obviously, drinks.

destiny scarboroughA standout menu item is the Ferris wheel set ($18.99) which holds five types of finger foods in an actual mini Ferris wheel that rotates as you peruse your options.destiny scarborough

While the food isn't particularly unique or exciting (it comes with fries, onion rings, beef balls, fish balls, and spring rolls) the whole concept will definitely be a hit on your Instagram page.

destiny scarboroughFor something heartier (and pricer), the grilled platter ($75.99) comes with lamb, whole ribs, fried chicken wings, and an assortment of roasted veggies like okra and zucchini plus french fries.

destiny scarboroughIt's also accompanied with a saucy steak on a bed of red onions in a skillet, and a little dish of barbecue sauce on the side.

destiny scarboroughDuck breast ($21.99) smoked Chinese style comes decoratively placed atop a mound of white rice with veggies. 

destiny scarboroughFor beverages, you can order one of their refreshing Fruiteas that comes in a big carafe. Their Destiny Fruitea ($9.95) is a mix of apple chunks, berries, and slices of kiwi, lime, and orange. destiny scarboroughOf course it's not a real bubble tea joint without the option for extra toppings. Besides standard tapioca, drinks can be ordered with different flavours of jelly like lychee or green apple for $1 each.

destiny scarboroughThe orange Popping Bobas are a popular addition and make an interesting topping for drinks like the fruit smoothies. Pick a base like green apple or peach and make it a sparkling soda ($7.95).

destiny torontoMilk teas here average around $5.25 for a small without toppings and come in standard favours. They've also got mousse drinks ($6.95) that come with a layer of frothy milk at the top that come in flavours like earl grey or matcha.

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