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Cuppa Tea

Cuppa Tea is the first North American location of a global cafe chain (known as Kwong Fong Yuen in Asian regions) that specializes in hand-made Hong Kong-style milk tea. 

More than that, the store also sells a smorgasbord of HK cafe favourites, all within a huge brightly lit space adorned with various HK street signs and murals. 

Cuppa Tea TorontoThe flagship product here is, naturally, the HK milk teas. Each batch is brewed for 45 minutes and made fresh throughout the day in-store. You may just catch the beverage being filtered through the iconic HK silk stocking-like filter if you walk in when a fresh batch is being prepared.

Cuppa Tea TorontoOnce done, they are mixed with milk and sugar, and bottled in cute reusable glass bottles. The Signature Milk Tea ($4.99) made with evaporated milk is smooth and creamy, while my personal favourite is the slightly sweeter Condensed Milk Tea ($4.99) made with Dutch-imported condensed milk.

Cuppa Tea TorontoThe Milk Foam Matcha Tea ($5.79) is made with a special foam blended from condensed milk, high percentage milk, cream cheese, butter, and a pinch of sea salt. It is rich, not overpowering, and very satisfying.

Cuppa Tea TorontoIf you're after something lighter, the refreshing Mixed Fruit Iced Tea ($6.99) containing mango, orange, lime, and watermelon mixed with green tea will do the trick.

Cuppa Tea TorontoOr if you want something in between, the fruity but heavier Mango Sago Pomelo ($6.99) is a must-order. It's chunky, thick, yet refreshingly chock-full of sweet mango flavour. The unique glass container is also a win.

Cuppa Tea TorontoCuppa Tea also has lots of traditional Hong Kong snacks to munch on. The Hong Kong Egg Waffles are made fresh to order. The smell as these are cooked in the griddle is both intoxicating and comforting.

Cuppa Tea TorontoGet them in either classic, chocolate, or matcha varieties ($4.59-$4.99). Absolutely fluffy, soft, and delicious.Cuppa Tea TorontoAnd what Hong Kong cafe would be complete without the traditional fish balls? I opt for the Curry Mixed Ball ($5.99) featuring fish, lobster, and beef balls. The texture is chewy and on point, though I did wish for the curry to be a bit thicker and spicier.

Cuppa Tea TorontoMy personal fave is the Pineapple Butter Bun ($3.99) which features a toasted Hong Kong pineapple bun lovingly enveloping a thick slab of butter. It is decadently delicious.

Cuppa Tea Toronto

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