Coffee Dak Lak Toronto

Coffee Dak Lak

Coffee Dak Lak is a cafe that specializes in Vietnamese coffee and snacks, located near the corner of College and Spadina.

Coffee Dak Lak TorontoThis is actually the brand's second location, following their popular store in Pacific Mall. The polar opposite of its first tiny location, this Chinatown spot is way larger with plenty of seating.

Coffee Dak Lak TorontoDak Lak's main specialty is its Vietnamese Egg Coffee ($4.99), a northern Vietnamese drink originating from around Hanoi. Apparently, this cafe is the only one in Toronto that serves this regional specialty. 

coffee dak lak torontoThe hot beverage features a fluffy whisked egg froth a top the coffee. It's meant to be consumed straight-up but there's nothing stopping you from stirring the mixture all together.

Coffee Dak Lak TorontoThe more traditional Condensed Milk Coffee ($3.99) comes with a Vietnamese coffee filter and is dark and strong with a hint of creamy sweetness from the condensed milk.

Coffee Dak Lak TorontoA more concentrated version of this drink can be taken to-go ($8). Each bottle contains the equivalent of two portions of the condensed milk coffee that you get in-store. 

Coffee Dak Lak TorontoThere's also the ultra-rare Kopi Luwak ($29) here. Also known as Weasel's Poop Coffee, it literally is the dried poop from the Asian Palm Civet, a creature that eats coffee cherries. This product is usually only found in Southeast Asia and is very hard to find in Toronto.

Coffee Dak Lak TorontoWhile not strictly Vietnamese, the cafe's Thai Milk Tea ($3.99) features that iconic flavour that you only get from Thai tea leaves mixed with condensed milk. It's equal parts rich and refreshing.

Coffee Dak Lak TorontoTo eat, there's plenty of banh mi such as The Vietnamese Sandwich Original ($4.99). It's a classic banh mi loaded with Vietnamese sausage, pork, pate, pickles, and cucumbers.

Coffee Dak Lak TorontoMore unique is the Vietnamese Fish Sandwich ($5.99) that comes with sardines, tomatoes, cucumbers and coriander. 

Coffee Dak Lak Toronto

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Coffee Dak Lak

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Coffee Dak Lak

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