Cafe de Paris Toronto

Cafe de Paris

Cafe de Paris is a dessert cafe that specializes in Instagram-worthy fruit beverages. Despite it's rather generic name, it's actually the first location of a large South Korea-based chain.

Cafe de Paris TorontoInside, you know this ain't your typical Asian dessert house.

Cafe de Paris TorontoThere's a vibrant mural of  the River Seine (painted by Evelyn Tsai) at the back were you can actually put your own lock on a faux-bridge railing, as is customary in Paris.

Cafe de Paris TorontoSomething as simple as an orange juice ($5.59) here is indulgently over-the-top. Made from freshly squeezed oranges, the drink is topped with a large slice of the fruit itself and sweetened slightly with honey. With its slightly pulpy texture, it's without a doubt one of the best OJs I've ever had. Period.

Cafe de Paris TorontoThose looking for something caffeine-based can try the Dutch Latte Freddo ($4.49). Made from drip coffee that's been running for at least 12 hours, it's mixed with ice, cane sugar, and milk.

Cafe de Paris TorontoThe crowning glory here has to be the BonBon series. The ridiculous Mango BonBon ($12.99) measures over 7 inches. It's an impressive drink made from fresh Filipino mangoes, cream, and fruit puree. I was told that two and a half mangoes go into each drink.

Cafe de Paris TorontoThe Strawberry BonBon ($12.99) is the classic combination of strawberries and cream done deliciously well.

Cafe de Paris TorontoFor something hot, the simple Green Tea Latte ($4.20) isn't over-the-top like the other drinks, but its creamy sweet-slightly bitter combination goes down just great.

Cafe de Paris TorontoCafe de Paris also serves up a variety of mini-cakes ($7.80 each). The Green Tea cake is a mousse-like cake that goes well with a latte.

Cafe de Paris TorontoThe Tiramisu is a sweeter, more mousse-like take on this classic Italian cake that's worth a try.

Cafe de Paris Toronto

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