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Bloom Cafe

Well, one thing's for sure: Bloom Cafe lives up to its name. It specializes in flower tea. One would be crazy to make a trip to the Baldwin St. shop and not order a beautiful blooming tea from here, I tells you. Fragrant, soothing and captivating, watch the bloom unfurl before your eyes in a glass pot - not only is it a treat to look at, but the tea gets better with each hot water refill.

Bloom Rice Bowl

But it's not only drinks on the menu - breakfast and lunch are also available, like well crafted purple rice bowls and pitas, or how about those onigiri (rice triangles wrapped in seaweed with savoury fillings)? Although the desserts, smoothies and coffees are enticing, the real star here is the beer. Just kidding, it's the tea, the tea. It was always the tea. Sip it! Inhale it! Buy over 50 varieties of it and take it home! So maybe I'm a little excited. Just roll with it. Gorgeous, flowery rolling with it.

Bloom Int

Manager Sue used to live on Baldwin and although the street is known for its eclectic mix of cuisines, she felt it was missing a soothing spot for patrons to sit, read, drink, stay awhile. After spending some time in China, Sue was eager to share the blooming teas she had discovered... and with these two thoughts in mind, Bloom was born. A healthy, unique menu with a focus on flower teas and a welcoming atmosphere (WiFi included). Sounds nice, ya?

Bloom Tea For Sale

So I guess next time I'm lingering around Baldwin, I'll have to take my time and smell the flowers. Ha! Sorry. I had to.

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Bloom Cafe

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