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Amausaan Uji Matcha

Amausaan Uji Matcha is a dessert chain specializing in sweets snacks and drinks made from premium matcha green tea.

Sitting in the heart of Chinatown, this store is the first location in North America. Dwarfing its counterparts in Asia, it's the largest cafe of the brand worldwide. 

amausaan uji matcha torontoThis matcha paradise is sweet and spacious, stretching past the cashier into an area equipped with plenty of seating, electric outlets and WiFi.

amausaan uji matcha torontoGuests are encouraged to hang out and even get some work done while they revel in the sugar rush that comes post-matcha dessert. Each table comes with a mini book lamp in the form of the Amausaan white rabbit mascot.

amausaan uji matcha torontoThe most popular Amausaan location, which is in Jakarta, boasts a menu with scores of desserts made from matcha. Toronto's store has a more humble selection, offering just over 20 items right now. 

amausaan uji matcha torontoThe menu is divided into three sections: cakes (keki), drinks (inryo) and ice cream, with all items under $10. 

amausaan uji matcha torontoAs expected, basically everything you'll order here will is some variation of green, depending on the strength of your matcha order.

amausaan uji matcha torontoThe fading matcha cheesecake ($9.20) is a good way to sample all the different levels of Amausaan's matcha intensity. Four layers of matcha with a milk layer sit atop an Oreo cookie base.

amausaan uji matcha torontoThe shiratama sundae ($8.20) is a bowl of matcha soft serve decked out with rice balls and red beans. If you dig your spoon in deep you'll find more layers of whipping cream, special house pudding, and crunchy waffle cone bits at the bottom.

amausaan uji matcha torontoAnother option is an order of two vanilla ice cream scoops which come with a bowl of matcha powder.

amausaan uji matcha torontoPour as much matcha as you want atop your dessert, decorated simply with more waffle bits. amausaan uji matcha torontoThe namacha ($8.20) is a plate featuring a few different bites, with three scoops of ice cream. You can choose between three levels of matcha intensity, vanilla, or strawberry flavours. 

amausaan uji matcha torontoThere's a bit of red bean on side, along with glutinous rice balls and some matcha jelly.

amausaan uji matcha torontoThe matcha mille crepe ($9.70) is a popular order worldwide, coming in a sizeable portion and dusted with matcha powder. 

amausaan uji matcha torontoWith a soft texture and a refined but subtle kick of matcha, it's not hard to enjoy yourself with this one. 

amausaan uji matcha torontoMatcha daifuku, a.k.a. mochi is also a big draw here. Made fresh in-house, you can get one for $4.20 or two for $7.70. 

amausaan uji matcha torontoThere's also a peach flavour, which comes stuffed with cubed peaches.

amausaan uji matcha torontoOn top of all this, there's a number of refreshingly cold matcha drinks like the very basic but thirst-quenching glass of imperial uji matcha (water and matcha) for $5.20. These are considerably less sweet than the treats, though the edibles aren't overly sweet themselves. 

amausaan uji matcha torontoAnother fun albeit simple DIY is the matcha cube latte ($5), which comes with a small cup of milk (or coconut milk) that you can pour into your glass of ice cubes made from matcha concentrate. amausaan uji matcha torontoThe cold Fuji latte ($6.70) is a thicker drink that's sweeter than the others.amausaan uji matcha torontoIt's not all cold stuff: The Amausaan ($6.20) is a hot drink of matcha and soy milk, which can't be substituted for any other milk options. 

amausaan uji matcha torontoBeing able to choose your intensity of green tea flavours at Amausaan is a big win, and regardless if you think this cafe has the best matcha in the world or not, the fun menu is worth a try. And if you're a fan of anything milk and matcha-flavoured, this spot is definitely for you.

amaussan uji matcha toronto

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