The Well

The Well landed itself a coveted spot on Lower Ossington this past spring, taking over from the short-lived pasta place just down from Golden Turtle . Billed as a cafe and bar, The Well opens a little earlier to catch that early afternoon crowd, and offers some food, a full dessert list and espresso-based coffees, alongside wine, beer and mixed drinks.

The space is long, the walls mosaicked with salvaged wood ends and festooned with mirrors and paintings. They catapult on the beer and board game trends too, and tables are set up for playing, but the selection is limited, just the classics here - Sorry, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Balderdash - that sort of thing.

There's also big screen TV running old movies above the bar, and to add one more element to the pseudo-schizophrenic vibe The Well has going, they also have a full DJ set-up, and featured DJs and DJ nights.

I arrive in the early evening the music is already pumping while a few people play board games, and a couple just watch the strolling traffic on Ossington from their seats at the window.

The food menu, written on the chalk wall as you enter, is simple and geared towards comfort- mac and cheese, pork spring rolls, or doubles with roti are $5.00 each, while a tray of three sliders runs you $8.00.

Somebody's got a sweet tooth; the dessert menu is twice as long. Try the cheesecake ($5.75), pie of the day ($4.50), cake of the day ($5.75), brownies ($3.00), pecan tart ($4.00), banana bread ($3.75), or throw in the towel and get the whopper dessert platter for $7.00.

Wash it down with a glass of wine or a basic beer (Tankhouse, Steamwhistle and Conductor's are some draft types), while tall cans include Sapporo, Steigl, Cobblestone, Magner's Heineken and Strongbow, all $6.50.

The cocktail list isn't wild - Negroni, old fashioned and martinis are featured, then I saw The Well's signature drink and I had to try. The Peanut Punch, made at The Well as either a shot or a full cocktail, is a tribute to the classic Trinidadian drink of the same name.

Here, it was a blend of peanut butter, milk, and what I thought was Kahlua and Vodka, though the bartender wouldn't reveal the secret recipe, making it a peanut heavy white Russian or Brown Cow. The Peanut Punch is thought to be an aphrodisiac in the Caribbean, and it did brighten overall impression of The Well, which until that point had left me a little confused.

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