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Parc Ave is a cocktail lounge on the edge of Yorkville serving carefully curated premium cocktails in a chic lounge environment. 

Sitting on the second floor at 265 Davenport Road, the space is split into three regions -- the Gold Onyx Bar on the right of the stairwell entrance and the Jade Room and Ruby Bar on the left. 

parc ave torontoAll three are built into a roundabout fashion where you can freely roam into each room at different points of the night when they're all open on Fridays and Saturdays. 

parc ave torontoThe Gold Onyx Bar is open for service during the week on Wednesday and Thursday evenings as well.

It's adorned with lush pink couches and a golden aura beaming from all points surrounding the bar counter. This 28-seat space is smaller, but makes for that much more of an intimate serving experience. 

parc ave torontoPass by a wall of photos showing Hollywood movie stars and through some shaded greenery.

parc ave torontoIt's here you will find the Jade Room, where the Ruby Bar also lies. Rows of velvet red sectionals make up this larger lounge space which offers bottle service along with a much tighter cocktail menu. 

parc ave torontoThe lighting is cozy in here and it's meant for larger groups who want to have a post-dinner cocktail and continue the night's festivities in style.

parc ave torontoBen Kingstone, the Beverage Manager at Parc Ave, says he had a lot of creative freedom when it came to developing the concoction of drinks here. 

He's backed by Harlo Entertainment Group and Travis Agresti, a restaurateur who partnered up on the ownership and operations at Parc Ave. 

parc ave torontoKingstone has had his fair share in the luxury alcohol business creating drink menus for Hotel X's Valerie bar.

Now, he's whipped some unique pairings for the over 30 different cocktails served here which are meant to switch up seasonally. 

Here's the thing about ordering a drink at Parc Ave, you aren't just going to watch someone slap some juice and alcohol together and add in a lime garnish with their bare hands. 

parc ave torontoWhen you sit down, you'll be welcomed with a cold towel to refresh yourself from hot summer weather outside (towels will be served warm in the winter). 

parc ave torontoEverything here is about precision, class, patience, cocktail art, truly. You're paying for what's in the glass but also the show that follows as you watch how the bartender makes your drink. 

parc ave torontoOrder what you're feeling then brace yourself for calculated pours, detailed use of tongs and strainers plus a handful of tricks and throwing of drinks to develop flavour and taste.

parc ave torontoHarry's Rabbit ($36) is the in-house version of an espresso martini at Parc Ave. Coffee Butter Roe and Co Irish Whisky are shaken together with egg whites.

parc ave torontoSplashes of Fernet Branca - an Italian bitter, and Hazelnut Liqueur follow along with a salted vanilla cold brew to top off this sweet drink.  

Can't forget about the chocolate and coffee cream mini cone served on the side -- every cocktail here comes with an edible component. 

parc ave toronto

The Devil's Advocate ($24.00) has a base of summer berry Campari combined with Cacao Cinzano -- an Italian vermouth, adding the rich ruby colour to this drink. 

Rose bubbly finishes the glass creating some fizz in your sips, and a bruleed orange garnish, which you could squeeze into the drink or decide to eat. 

parc ave torontoIf all the alcohol is giving you a bit of a buzz, why not calm it down with some of the various bar snacks that Parc Ave offers.

Kaluga Gold Caviar ($165.00) comes served with potato chips and shredded toppings like red onion, green onion and sour cream, meant for piling on the chips.

Caviar may be a little forward for you, but they also have some simpler options like truffle popcorn and warm pretzel. 

parc ave torontoWho doesn't love a good smoke bubble on top of their cocktail? It's fun to pop and also looks cool in pictures. Brusier's Bill ($24.00) gives you just that in a pre-chilled long stem martini glass. 

Here's what you'll taste in this drink: Pink Peppercorn Tanqueray, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc -- a French aperitif adding citrus notes and Absinthe. 

Plus cacao butter, chocolate bitters and Palo Santo giving some smoky flavour in there too. 

parc ave torontoYou might be wondering what this next contraption is, it's an ice maker meant for shaping spheres of ice used inside Parc Ave's most expensive cocktail - the Sazerac ($135.00). 

parc ave torontoThe top part of this machine slowly compresses the block of ice forming it into a perfect circle fit for a whisky glass. 

parc ave toronto

You might also be wondering, who prices a cocktail for more than 100 dollars? I'm here to tell you Parc Ave does and this is due to the amount of Vintage Reserve alcohol used in this drink. 

Such as, Remy X.O. and Michter US 1 Sour Mash Whiskey keeping this one on the bitter side, along with Peychaud's bitters, sugar syrup and a mini spoonful of caviar. 

parc ave torontoParc Ave's sleek, glassy exterior invites you into the warmly lit interior that sits near Davenport and Avenue Road. 

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