Our House

Our House is the newest lounge to hit Lower Ossington . With windows blocked by heavy drapes, minimal furniture to allow for max capacity, DJs and occasional cover charges, all indications are that Our House is capitalizing on Ossington's rising club-district status. It's the kind of place you get dressed up to go out to, when you're going out to make a night of it, and not - as you might at old standbys like the Communist's Daughter and the Crooked Star - to have a beer with your best friend.

The burnt orange walls, dark wood furniture, and details like embroidered cushions and decorative vases give the small space a minimalist Moroccan feel, but when the DJ's spinning and the place is packed with clubbers, the details of the décor are likely to go unnoticed. More likely you'll notice the flashing LED illumination of the bar, calling out to you to order more standard alcoholic concoctions, like basic cocktails, beer by the bottle, or anything else that's easy to whip up and hold onto while you're dancing. The bar's signature drink, the "orange drink," is a testament to this alcoholic efficiency: a fizzy, no-fuss mixture of vodka and orange soda that's as easy for the servers to remember as it is for drinkers to down it.

Food-wise, it's unclear what direction the bar is heading in. While there's been food in the past, the bartender I spoke to was unsure when patrons could expect it. Snacks are in possible-to-probable category for the future. But while they've given food a try at Our House, I can see how it might be an initiative that falls to the wayside over time, given that the bar opens at 9 and is geared towards more of a dance-club crowd. The preparation and serving of food could be more trouble than it's worth.

Our House is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for dancin' and cavortin' - usually with live DJs - and Monday nights for industry nights, although I'm told that lately that's been drawing an "older, 905-ish" crowd. The music is pretty much anything with a beat, depending on who's spinning or bringing in the iPod. Iron your best striped shirt for a night at Our House or don a pair of heels, and don't head out too early.

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