2Cats Cocktail Lounge

2Cats is a cocktail lounge located on King West , and equidistance between For Your Eyes Only and The One that Got Away World Famous Fish House , resulting in a Bermuda Triangle of sexual jokes.

I recently visited 2Cats at about 9 pm on a Thursday evening, lured by the promise of cheap drinks until 10. The lounge is set up panopticon-style , with the bar in the center and places to sit and stand around the sides. Whether it was set up this way to control systems of power and knowledge or simply to look aesthetically pleasing is still up for discussion (though I suspect it is a little of both).

I asked if there was a cocktail menu, but the bartender replied that there wasn't one. I found this a little odd; to name a bar 2Cats Cocktail Lounge and then provide neither a cocktail menu nor cats seems a little unintuitive. However, the bartender politely reminded us of the amazing deals to be had ($3 rail drinks before 10) and the lack of menu/cats were quickly forgotten.

I ordered a vodka and cranberry juice, the drink of choice for an alcoholic with a UTI. The strong drink fit well with the panopticistic theme that was quickly emerging. The vodka in the drink was both visible and unverifiable. Visible: I constantly had before my eyes a cup that was mostly filled with ice and vodka with a few fingers of juice to top it off. Unverifiable: Because the drinks were so strong and I so weak, I had no idea how much alcohol I was consuming.

My companion and I chose to sit in one of the small wooden booths toward the front of the bar. These booths are perfect for sitting and discussing important issues, such as whether Beyonce does her own Instagram and whether or not anyone will get Foucault references in a bar review?

Too often bars perpetuate a certain vibe through interior design, space and menu but then ruin it by playing music that evokes the absolute opposite of what they were going for in the first place. Like seeing Shia LaBeouf in any heroic role, you try and convince yourself that it's a fun juxtaposition but you know in your heart that it's all wrong.

Fortunately, the genre (popular oldies) and volume (somewhere between Tracy Morgan's speaking voice and Mike Tyson's yelling voice) of music at 2Cats perfectly complemented the laid-back feel of the bar on this wintry Thursday eve. It should be noted that the music does get louder as the night goes on, so if you hate intense auditory stimulation, be prepared to leave before 11pm.

I wouldn't hesitate to return to 2Cats. The well-priced drinks and comfortable atmosphere makes it an ideal place for a relaxed date, fun girls night or meeting your biological mom for the first time. Just stay away from the Foucault jokes.

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2Cats Cocktail Lounge

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2Cats Cocktail Lounge

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