OhSo Nightclub

OhSo Nightclub opened just over two months ago at 137 Peter Street, a space that was formerly home to Reign (and before that, Budo). Most of the decor in this place leads me to believe that I'm inside Reign 1.5; black couches in red and wallpapered booths (respectively) and a stone-tiled backsplash behind the main bar. But the best part of any nightclub that has ever called this place home is undoubtedly the rooftop patio.

OhSo's website alludes to Over 20 Multi Level VIP Booths but all I see as I make my way around the club are single-level ones situated throughout the building's two interior floors and two-level rooftop patio. I'm not one to say "sorry for partying" (unless it's in a sarcastic tone), but I'm also not very easily impressed.

Nineteen year-old me loves this place; the bartenders are hot, the DJ pumps up the jams , and there's a stripper pole. But, unfortunately for me, I'm the better part of a decade beyond being my nineteen year-old self. Other people around me seem to be enjoying themselves, but the vast majority of them also seem to be between the ages of seventeen and twenty one.

I chose not to reserve a booth nor order the nightly bottle service special so I just walk around, slowly swigging my seven dollar beer. On this Saturday night the wood-walled patio is heated and packed...with approximately 75% of the club's patrons (because they sure aren't on the completely empty second floor). OhSo isn't a turrible nightclub, but it isn't a great one, either. I don't particularly hate anything about this place but it does nothing to stand out.

The best thing that OhSo does is be consistently mediocre, and hey, that's okay...for some people, in a certain time of their lives. For a place that charges up to $20 just to get in (free on guestlist before eleven on Fridays, and the same rule applies on Saturdays, but only for the ladies.), I expect a lot more than the same ol' Club District monotony.

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