JangBang is a newly opened joint in the increasingly competitive area of College and Bathurst. Locals and students out for an inexpensive night on the town have quite the choice in this one small block - there's always been cheap beer, drinks and food aplenty available at places like Sneaky Dee's , Toby's and Crown and Tiger - but now they have a live music venue alternative that's just waiting to have its programming slots filled.

Simply furnished, small, dark and intimate, JangBang is owned by Michael Jang who acknowledges that programming is a work in progress. But he's passionate about giving the masses an alternative to the larger Sneaky Dee's across the way as well as introducing Torontonians to the newest in Mexican/Korean bar snacks that are currently taking LA and New York by storm.

The former Thai Grill is given a new interior that's stripped down, gritted up and dressed in all black with a few twinkly lights added in for good measure. Multiple booths line the wall and a small stage located smack in the middle of the space is ready for anything and everything - from open mic nights to fresh local bands to dancing to the various dj's that'll be scattered throughout the week but standard on Saturday nights.

PBR is the draught beer of choice and is served in mason jars for about a fiver but specials will be frequent so keep your ear to the ground, and if draught isn't your thang, then cans of it'll set you back $3.50. Other bottles of beer are $4 and a mixed drink will run you $4.50. At those prices - anyone can have a good time and that's the entire point of Jangbang.

Back to food, the menu is kept simple, cheap and super tasty with all ingredients sourced as locally as possible and everything made in-house. The 4 menu options run from four to six bucks and include tak kal-bi tacos (chicken), ko-gi tacos (beef), Mandu (dumplings) and Korean Pizza. If you've never had Mexican/Korean fusion this is your new, must go to place.

Open Tuesday thru Sunday from 7pm-2am, Jangbang is the type of bar that will live or die based on what its patrons want to do with it, but if an owner's enthusiasm is any indicator of future success, then Jangbang's got it made.

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