iDarts Toronto

iDarts is a lone wolf in the Greater Toronto area, a lounge/bar dedicated to darts (soft tip darts, to be specific). While this business concept is everywhere in places like Japan, Hong Kong and parts of Europe, iDarts Toronto is the first of its kind in the area.

Located in an office building in Markham , iDarts specializes in soft-tip darts, played on an online console. In addition to doing away with the usual steel-tip darts, this version of the game also requires that players stand further away.

On the surface, this place has the feel of a lounge with high tables scattered across the center of the space and a few booths off to the side. The dĂŠcor is modern, and sleek with black flooring and white accents.

To complete the bar experience they offer a small menu of snacks including sliders, pasta, and Asian-style nachos. They're fully licensed with a selection of draft beers (mostly big label, with giant "beer tower" dispensers available for the ordering), wine, and hard liquors. There was a tapas restaurant attached to the space but it's currently closed for re-branding so look for that to re-open soon.

Along the walls are copious amounts of darts live machines, which one can use to test their aim. A game will cost you $1 per player, with a variety of games available (501, 701, and cricket, to name a few). You can also connect online and compete against players from all over the world.

The game is surprisingly fun - as a darts amateur my first few throws are slightly embarrassing but once I polish my technique my accuracy improves and the game becomes very enjoyable. I could definitely see this being a great activity among friends or colleagues while indulging in some libations.

Weekends are easily their busiest time, according to proprietor Andrew Chiu. To complement the lounge feel, they have a live DJ on Fridays and Saturdays. The more serious darts players (believe me, they do exist), tend to frequent the place on weekdays with live league nights every Thursday and online leagues every Monday.

For those who can't be trusted with pointy objects, they have some pool tables ($2 per game) and a beer pong table available for use free of charge, but make no mistake; this is first and foremost a place to play darts.

iDarts is definitely a fresh concept and a much recommended activity for those looking to try something different.

Photos by Javin Lau

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