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Markham is one of the fastest growing areas in Ontario. Located north east of Toronto, the neighbourhood is packed with some of the city's best Chinese restaurants and Pacific Mall, billed as North American's "largest indoor Asian mall". Like North York and Scarborough, Markham comprises a number of smaller neighbourhoods including Buttonville, Cornell, Markham Village, Milliken, Thornhill, and Unionville.

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Ajisen Ramen (Markham) / Restaurants

7010 Warden Ave. 905.470.6318 Website
Ajisen Ramen (Markham)

Ajisen Ramen is a global Japanese noodle chain restaurant that has locations in Hong Kong, Japan and the US. Their signature "Ajisen Ramen" bowl is filled with BBQ pork, half...

Aka Teppan (Markham) / Restaurants

3235 Hwy 7 East, Markham 905.604.4880 Website
Aka Teppan (Markham)

Aka Teppan in Markham serves up authentic Japanese fare with menu flaunting items like charbroiled duck breast, roasted ox tongue, and deep fried chicken cartilage. With more options than your...

Al Dente Italian Restaurant / Restaurants

39 Main Street North 905.471.5670 Website
Al Dente Italian Restaurant

Al Dente Italian Restaurant boasts to be "Markham's best kept secret". Situated on the picturesque Main Street in Markham, the restaurant is open for both casual and fine dining, featuring...

All Star Wings and Ribs / Restaurants

9255 Woodbine Avenue, Markham 905.927.1616 Website
All Star Wings and Ribs

All Star Wings and Ribs is the self-proclaimed "hottest spot in Richmond Hill and Markham". They offer an outrageous number of wing flavours to choose from. I'm not sure how...

Ambiyan / Restaurants

149 Main Street, Unionville Markham 905.480.0094 Website

Ambiyan is an Indian restaurant in historic Unionville that has a bevy of options for vegetarians, pescetarians and meat eaters. Its menu is stacked with faves like chicken vindaloo, coconut...

Andy's Fish and Chips / Restaurants

3341 Markham Road 416.754.3999
Andy's Fish and Chips

Andy's Fish and Chips is not your typical fish and chips joint. Located in the new colourful plaza on Markham Road and Steeles Avenue East, this small and rather shabby...

Aroma Bakery / Baked Goods

8360 Kennedy Rd Markham 416.219.4833
Aroma Bakery

Aroma Bakery makes cutely named (and delicious) wife cakes, which contain sweet mintermelon filling, and husband cakes, which are more salty and contain BBQ pork. It goes without saying that...

Asian Legend (Markham) / Restaurants

3636 Steeles Avenue East, Markham 905.947.0370 Website
Asian Legend (Markham)

Asian Legend has six locations in the GTA including this one in the Metro Square mall. Compared to other locations, this Asian Legend has solid service and the food quality...

Babu (Markham) / Restaurants

9590 McCowan Road 416.298.2228 Website
Babu (Markham)

Babu in Markham is one of two Babu restaurants in the GTA (the other being in Scarborough). The menu boasts a wide selection of Sri Lankan and Indian fare, including...

Bamiyan Kabob (Markham) / Restaurants

7760 Markham Rd. 905.910.1043 Website
Bamiyan Kabob (Markham)

Bamiyan Kabob is one of six outposts from this chain of Afghan eateries. Kabob wraps and dinners packed with rice and salad are the thing to get and come in...

Bean Around The World / Cafes

5762 Hwy 7 East, Markham 289.554.2326 Website
Bean Around The World

Bean Around The World is an indie cafe located in Markham. They serve a variety of medium and dark roast coffees, lattes, hot chocolates, freshly baked muffins and panini. ...

Big Bone BBQ & Wicked Wings / Restaurants

180 Bullock Drive, Markham 905.554.7200 Website
Big Bone BBQ & Wicked Wings

Big Bone BBQ & Wicked Wings is a newly opened bbq and wing joint in Markham, part of the Big Bone BBQ family of restaurants with locations as far-flung as...

Biryani Hut (Markham Road) / Restaurants

6055 Steeles East 416.298.2488
Biryani Hut (Markham Road)

Biryani Hut is a small take-out joint located in the Indian-centric plaza on Markham and Steeles. They offer Indian goodies such as their namesake chicken biryani for only $4.25 and...

Blue Ocean Cafe / Restaurants

8360 Kennedy Rd Markham 905.604.5200 Website
Blue Ocean Cafe

Blue Ocean Cafe has great lunch specials. My personal favourite is the BBQ pork with rice ($6.99) and the Portuguese chicken on rice ($7.50). For an all-day hit, try the...

Bowl Kee / Restaurants

8360 Kennedy Rd Markham 905.948.1249
Bowl Kee

Bowl Kee makes a great Typhoon Crab. This must-try dish is a wonderful flash-fried crustacean doused in lots of spices, giving it a very strong and flavourful kick. The sizes...

Bubble Tea and Me / Cafes

7330 Yonge Street, Unit 107 905.881.8232 Website
Bubble Tea and Me

Bubble Tea and Me is a new bubble tea shop that offers bubble tea, juices, and coffee. It also serves up an array of Asian snacks such as fried squid...

Cafe Green Tea / Restaurants

3160 Steeles Avenue East 905.470.0758 Website
Cafe Green Tea

Cafe Green Tea is adjacent to Heisei Mart in the J-Town complex. The cafeteria-style restaurant offering plates of fried noodles ($5.98), chicken rice omelettes ($6.98), and various tempura dishes. Casual...

Calabria Bakery / Baked Goods

5694 Highway 7 Markham 905.471.1033 Website
Calabria Bakery

Calabria Bakery is a quintessential Italian bakery, cafe and hot table located off Highway 7 in Markham. This is one of two locations for Calabria (the other one is in...

Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association / Fitness Clubs

1181 Denison Street 905.475.8899 Website
Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association

The Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association is a 15,000 square foot facility for serious ping-pong players. Or else, for anyone off the street with $6 for a Day Pass. The...

Casa Imperial / Restaurants

4125 Steeles Avenue East 416.756.2788 Website
Casa Imperial

Casa Imperial is strangely located inside the Devonsleigh Place. It's housed in a converted old mansion, hence the name I guess. An upscale joint, eating here feels like the Chinese...

Casa Victoria / Restaurants

8601 Warden Avenue 905.948.1618
Casa Victoria

At Highway 7 and Warden, Casa Victoria is the sister restaurant of Casa Imperial. It's a bit farther north than her counterpart but the menu here is basically the same...

Cayne's / Design Stores

112 Doncaster Avenue 905.764.1188 Website

Cayne's is for those who want it all - and at a minimum discount of 20%. At last look a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer was on sale for $200, an...

Cha Me Cha / Restaurants

1078-8333 Kennedy Rd. Markham ON 905.470.8836 Website
Cha Me Cha

Cha Me Cha is a Tawainese tea place. They make shaved ice drinks, with toppings like cooked yam, cooked taro, red bean, tapioca pearls, and various fruits. Bubble Tea, Milk...

Chef Lin / Restaurants

8 Washington St, Markham, ON 289.554.1128
Chef Lin

Chef Lin is the very definition of a hidden gem. The Markham restaurant serves up an impressive variety of Asian dishes including Chinese, Taiwanese, Indian-Chinese (Hakka), and Thai. Most restaurants...

Chit Chat Play Board Game Cafe / Cafes

34 Cathedral High St. Markham 905.752.6880 Website
Chit Chat Play Board Game Cafe

Chit-Chat-Play Board Game Café, the first board game café in Markham, has over 400 games to choose from. There's also plenty of desserts including Cheesecake Factory made cheesecakes. Games are...

ChongQing Liuyishou Hot Pot / Restaurants

650 Highway 7 East 905.762.9978
ChongQing Liuyishou Hot Pot

ChongQing Liuyishou Hot Pot is more than a long and difficult to pronounce name; it's also one of the most popular hot pot chain restaurants from China. This location is...

Chung King / Restaurants

D4-4394 Steeles Ave E 905.513.8788
Chung King

Chung King Garden Restaurant is a Mandarian and Szechuan cuisine restaurant that has been around for many years at the Market Village mall. Many customers who come here would argue...

City Hollywood Cafe / Restaurants

4372 Steeles Avenue E 905.305.8877
City Hollywood Cafe

City Hollywood Cafe, next to Market Village in the Pacific Mall Area, offers Chinese food to the Markham/Scarborough area. The menu ranges from breakfast to dinner and includes French toast,...

CJC Music / Services

825 Denison St #29 416.721.7162 Website
CJC Music

CJC Music is a tiny strip mall shop with lots of musical offerings, if not totally apparent when first walking in the store. There are hanging rows of acoustic and...

Congee Queen (Markham) / Restaurants

5308 Highway 7 East Markham 905.209.8988 Website
Congee Queen (Markham)

Congee Queen menus can be found in the kitchen drawers of every Chinese family north of the 401. Fact! With must-trys such as their moist turnip cake and crispy fried...

Congee Royal / Restaurants

3160 Steeles Ave East 905.474.1833
Congee Royal

Congee Royal is a massive restaurant found in the Japan Town complex on Steeles Avenue. ...

Congee Wong / Restaurants

3235 Hwy 7 Markham 905.474.1844
Congee Wong

Congee Wong, or quite literally, "King of Congee" in Chinese, has quite a big name to live up to. Nestled in a popular Chinese suburban mall, this local favourite has...

Congee Wong (First Markham Place) / Restaurants

3235 Hwy 7 905.474.1844 Website
Congee Wong (First Markham Place)

Congee Wong is a very popular chain restarant amongst locals for a quick Canton style meal (i.e. dishes which feature congee, rice and noodles). Their First Markham Place location is...

Congee Wong (New Kennedy Square) / Restaurants

8360 Kennedy Rd Markham 905.305.1660
Congee Wong (New Kennedy Square)

Congee Wong in New Kennedy Square provides all the usual Cantonese specialties (and their superbly delicious fried turnip cakes for around $5) that many Chinese households south of Steeles Avenue...

Cool N2 / Restaurants

28 South Unionville Ave #1036, Unionville 647.218.1990 Website
Cool N2

Cool N2 is an ice cream place that makes their frozen treats using huge tanks of liquid nitrogen. Try a cup of "popice" topped with mango and drizzled with sweet...

CrossFit Markham / Fitness Clubs

114 Anderson Avenue 905.554.9348 Website
CrossFit Markham

CrossFit Markham is a humble family-run facility that initially started out of a garage. Take advantage of a free week of unlimited CrossFit classes before joining one of their kettlebell...

Cucina Locale / Restaurants

4471 Highway 7, Markham 905.479.2054 Website
Cucina Locale

Cucina Locale is the perfect place for Markham diners to get their Italian food fix. The menu boasts all the staples, from ravioli to margherita pizza. ...

Ding Dong Grocery / Grocery Stores

4300 Steeles Avenue East Markham 905.477.9398 Website
Ding Dong Grocery

Ding Dong is the place where those in the know go to pick up Asian snacks in Pacific Mall. Located at the back end of the shopping centre, this store...

Ding Tai Fung Shanghai Dim Sum / Restaurants

3235 Highway 7 E. 905.943.9880
Ding Tai Fung Shanghai Dim Sum

Ding Tai Fung Shanghai Dim Sum is located in a busy Markham strip mall 35-minutes drive from downtown Toronto - and it's well worth the trek. It's difficult to find...

Dolce 21 / Restaurants

4300 Steeles Avenue East Markham 905.513.0653
Dolce 21

Dolce 21 is an ice cream shop in Pacific Mall that's known for its extremely Instagrammable desserts. Located on the sprawling Asian mall's first floor, the store is a takeout-only...

Donburi / Restaurants

505 Highway 7 East Markham 905.597.6505 Website

Donburi is the go-to-place for freshly made Japanese rice bowls in Markham. It's one of the many Asian dining restaurants found at Commerce Gate near Leslie and Highway 7. Don't miss...

Dozo Sushi and Sake Bar / Restaurants

230 Commerce Valley Dr East 647.724.1662
Dozo Sushi and Sake Bar

Dozo is a fairly standard Japanese restaurant with an emphasis on drinks. It's located in the restaurant-heavy area of Hwy 7 and Commerce Valley and East Beaver Creek in Markham....

Duo Patisserie / Baked Goods

230 Commerce Valley Dr. E Markham 905.763.2232 Website
Duo Patisserie

Duo Patisserie is a unique concept for the Richmond Hill/Markham area. While traditional Chinese bakeries are rampant here, one may have a hard time finding French-inspired desserts. Duo fills this...

Emperor Hotpot / Restaurants

7077 Kennedy Road 905.946.0888 Website
Emperor Hotpot

Emperor Hotpot is all about getting back to the basics. Unlike many of its fellow hot pot counterparts, this restaurant doesn't offer gimmicks. Rather, it's about the quintessential classic hot...

Empire Court / Restaurants

8500 Warden Avenue 905.470.8500
Empire Court

Empire Court is found inside the Hilton Hotel at Warden and Highway 7. Very few people know that this place exists (as I suspect not many plan their weekend dinner...

Famu / Grocery Stores

3160 Steeles Avenue East 905.475.5005 Website

Famu totes itself as the only Japanese butcher in Toronto. Technically, it's in the J-Town Japanese mall in Markham, but I suppose the idea still stands. I headed to Famu to...

Federick Restaurant (Markham) / Restaurants

160 New Delhi Drive 905.472.1682 Website
Federick Restaurant (Markham)

Federick is one of the pioneers of Indian-style (Hakka) Chinese cuisine in Toronto. Found in Scarborough and here, on a street named New Delhi Drive in Markham, the restaurant does...

Fire Fly Seafood and Steak House / Restaurants

3229 Highway 7 905.479.6188
Fire Fly Seafood and Steak House

Fire Fly Seafood & Steak House is an HK style restaurant located at First Markham Place. They offer a wide range of dishes, such as Satay Beef Noodle Soup and...

Fish Soup Noodles / Restaurants

505 Highway 7 East 905.709.3335
Fish Soup Noodles

Fish Soup Noodles is a hot pot and soup noodle restaurant that specializes in making a one-of-a-kind milky fish broth that is brewed from scratch. You can customize your meal...

Flavours of Unionville / Restaurants

155 Main Street Unionville, Markham 647.987.4227
Flavours of Unionville

Flavours of Unionville sells ice cream by the scoop from a walk-up window. It's no Sweet Jesus, but got all the classic flavours on its roster. There's also gelato and...

Fortune Stone Restaurant / Restaurants

7010 Warden Avenue 905.475.0099
Fortune Stone Restaurant

Fortune Stone Restaurant is a Hong Kong café style diner located in the T&T plaza on the corner of Warden & Steeles. They have a variety of fast food options...

Frankie Tomatto / Restaurants

7225 Woodbine Avenue 905.940.1900 Website
Frankie Tomatto

Frankie Tomatto can be spotted blocks aways thanks to its pseudo Leaning Tower of Pisa. The restaurant is Italian (no surprise there) and offers an "All You Can Eat Italian...

Fruit Jungle / Cafes

3255 Highway 7 East, Markham 416.321.0022
Fruit Jungle

Fruit Jungle in one place only - First Markham Place shopping centre at Woodbine and Highway 7. For those living downtown, it might be a bit far, but their unique,...

Funky Munky / Cafes

9275 Markham Road 905.201.0362 Website
Funky Munky

Funky Munky serves up fresh coffee, black teas, and bubble teas in a lively space adorned with vintage auto garage decor. The shop is cozy and comfortable, with lots of...

Gal's Sushi / Restaurants

3621 HWY 7 E. Unit 106 905.305.7753 Website
Gal's Sushi

Gal's Sushi in Markham serves up fresh sushi, sashimi and other Japanese and Korean favaourites. Photo by JP Sebastian in the blogTO Flickr pool...

George's Tastee Bakery & Deli / Restaurants

600 Denison St. 905.479.1919
George's Tastee Bakery & Deli

Tastee, covered with cartoon caricatures of children eating beef patties, looks very much like the inside of a Coffee Time, though it actually bakes from scratch on the premises and...

Ginga Fitness / Fitness Clubs

34 Doncaster Ave Unit 6 416.460.0284 Website
Ginga Fitness

Ginga Fitness, the world's first Ginga studio has opened in Toronto, nestled between a tire store and a spa just North of the city. Classes are run by fitness guru...

Ginger and Onion / Restaurants

7131 Kennedy Road 905.479.7730
Ginger and Onion

Ginger and Onion is a pleasant, relaxed dim sum option. It's part of the Market Village Plaza (right across from the Pacific Mall) so one can go shopping after...

Glorious Chinese Cuisine / Restaurants

1661 Denison Street, markham 905.604.8218
Glorious Chinese Cuisine

Glorious Chinese Cuisine in Markham serves up traditional Chinese dishes at budget-friendly prices (lunch specials start at just $5.99). You'll find the menu stacked with steamed taro, shrimp dumpling soup,...

Golf Clearance Warehouse / Fashion Stores

420 Denison St. 905.470.0974 Website
Golf Clearance Warehouse

Golf Clearance Warehouse is filled with clubs, clothing, and accessories at marked-down prices, bought through overruns, closeouts, and other circumstances that result in great deals for the customer. A complete...

Gong Cha Tea / Cafes

3636 Steeles Ave. East 905.604.9323
Gong Cha Tea

Gong Cha aims to change the way you enjoy your bubble tea. The brand-new flagship Canadian store of this humongously large international chain, located on the ground level of...

Graceful Vegetarian / Restaurants

7131 Kennedy Road, Unit 8 905.479.8381
Graceful Vegetarian

Any enthusiast knows that dim sum is by nature the delicate yet total celebration of meat. It can therefore be drastically limiting when accommodating vegetarians. Not here! The...

Grand Noodle / Restaurants

505 Hwy 7 East #50, Markham 905.597.7782 Website
Grand Noodle

Grand Noodle serves up Canto-Western cuisine from a corner unit of Commerce Gate. Its kitchen churns out both Cantonese and HK-style Western food, with many of the dishes creatively modified...

Great Khan Mongolian Grill / Restaurants

7131 Kennedy Rd 905.947.8288 Website
Great Khan Mongolian Grill

Great Khan Mongolian Grill is located in the Market Village plaza and is an excellent place to bring visitors to try something different. It is a buffet-style restaurant will you...

Green Grotto Tea Room / Cafes

3623 Hwy 7 E 905.604.0101
Green Grotto Tea Room

Green Grotto Tea Room is a great spot for those looking for a cozy atmosphere to catch-up with friends while sipping on authentic bubble tea (that doesn't taste like it's...

Gyubee / Restaurants

7100 Woodbine Ave. Markham 905.604.1904 Website

Gyubee is an all you can eat (AYCE) Japanese-style BBQ restaurant found in an anonymous-looking building in Markham. It's home to good quality meat you cook yourself over an open...

Heisei Mart / Grocery Stores

3160 Steeles Ave. East 905.305.0108 Website
Heisei Mart

Heisei Mart is a Japanese grocery store in Markham, part of the Japanese J-Town complex. Now, J-Town isn't like other GTA malls with aisles of divided shops and a Fido...

Hilton Garden Inn Markham / Hotels

300 Commerce Valley Dr. E 905.709.8008 Website
Hilton Garden Inn Markham

The Hilton Garden Inn Markham was the winner of the 2013 Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor. This modest-looking hotel features clean and spacious rooms starting at around $109 per night....

Hilton Suites Markham / Hotels

8500 Warden Avenue 905.470.8500 Website
Hilton Suites Markham

Hilton Suites features the grandest lobby in Markham, along with an impressive full-service gym and solid in-hotel restaurants. This is a long-standing favourite for those who want a little something...

Hit Camera / Services

7569 Yonge St. L3T 2C2 416.783.1740 Website
Hit Camera

Hit Camera is located on Avenue Road just south of the 401, not exactly a photography-rich retail zone. But who cares? I got a superb deal on a floor-model Nikon...

HK's BBQ / Restaurants

3255 Highway 7 East, Markham 905.480.9849

HK's BBQ, located in the First Markham Place food court, specializes in traditional Chinese BBQ. For around $6 you'll get a box of steamed rice with BBQ pork, duck, and/or...

Ho Garden Chinese Restaurant / Restaurants

9255 Woodbine Avenue, Markham 905.927.9623
Ho Garden Chinese Restaurant

Ho Garden Chinese Restaurant is a casual Chinese eatery in Markham. The menu is stacked with all the classics: stir fried noodles, hot pot, Hainanese chicken and more. ...

Hohomi Rice and Noodle House / Restaurants

50 Bur Oak Avenue Unit 7, Markham 905.888.8558 Website
Hohomi Rice and Noodle House

Hohomi Rice and Noodle House is a Chinese-Vietnamese fusion restaurant in Markham with an insanely cheap $6.95 lunch special menu. Try their delicious Hohomi chicken wings or the golden curry...

Home of Hot Taste / Restaurants

5 Glen Cameron Road 905.881.0230
Home of Hot Taste

Home of Hot Taste is one of the few restaurants in the GTA where you can score Korean style fried chicken. With a lighter batter, whole chickens and your choice...

Hon Tattoo Studio / Services

3255 Highway 7, markham 905.604.5102 Website
Hon Tattoo Studio

Hon Tattoo Studio is a custom tattoo parlour located just north of Toronto. It specializes in Asian designs, realism and cover ups. Photo via @hontattoostudio on Instagram....

HOPO / Restaurants

20 Gibson Drive, markham 905.604.3622 Website

HOPO is a hot pot restaurant found in the corner of a small strip mall in Markham, right beside a Chatime. Don't want to pony up for AYCE? You don't...

House of Garden / Restaurants

1661 Denison Street 905.948.0222
House of Garden

House of Garden is a restaurant located in Markham that serves up Cantonese cuisine. They offer the traditional congee, noodle and rice dishes, and an additional array of Chinese dishes...

Hub Climbing / Fitness Clubs

165 McIntosh Drive Markham 905.604.4588 Website
Hub Climbing

Hub Climbing is a relative newcomer to the rock climbing scene. Located in a warehouse space near Woodbine Ave. and Highway 7 this is easily the best place to do...

Ichiban Living / Design Stores

4300 Steeles Avenue 905.604.1483 Website
Ichiban Living

Ichiban Living is a small, semi-hidden store located in the basement of Pacific Mall that sells everyday household objects from Japan. The best part? Everything in the store costs $2...

iDarts Toronto / Bars

7850 Woodbine Ave. Markham 905.604.7850 Website
iDarts Toronto

iDarts is a lone wolf in the Greater Toronto area, a lounge/bar dedicated to darts (soft tip darts, to be specific). While this business concept is everywhere in places like...

Il Bun Ji Sushi House (Markham) / Restaurants

8360 Kennedy Rd Markham 905.474.3677
Il Bun Ji Sushi House (Markham)

Il Bun Ji Sushi House offers one of the best lunch special menus (even available on weekends!) in the area. For under $7, you could get two types of maki...

India's Taste / Restaurants

680 Denison Street 905.948.0909 Website
India's Taste

India's Taste is a sprawling Indian restaurant with an all-day buffet and main dishes a la carte. Though its interior colours remind me a little of Swiss Chalet, the chicken...

Initium / Cafes

8241 Woodbine Ave #6, Markham 905.947.8880 Website

Initium is a cafe, salon and lounge in Markham. They have a big space that easily accommodates all these functions and are fully equipped with TVs, a projector, ample seating...

Inspire Restaurant / Restaurants

144 Main St, Markham 905.554.2889 Website
Inspire Restaurant

Inspire Restaurant is a little eatery with a big heart. Located on the north side of Main Street in Markham, this unassuming and cozy joint serves up Western comfort foods...

Ippai Japanese Fusion / Restaurants

8865 Woodbine Ave Markham 905.470.1688 Website
Ippai Japanese Fusion

Ippai Japanese Fusion located in the heart of Markham is your one-stop restaurant for all types of Japanese food and beverages. Sushi, sashimi, bento (lunch and dinner boxes), Ramen Okonomiyaki,...

It's a Bao Time / Restaurants

230 Commerce Valley Dr. East 905.771.8866 Website
It's a Bao Time

It's a Bao Time is more than a clever pun, it's also where locals in York Region go for handmade bao, bahn mi, and other Asian-inspired bite-sized goodness. Occupying part...

Izakaya Ju / Restaurants

3160 Steeles Avenue East 905.474.1058 Website
Izakaya Ju

Izakaya Ju is a popular izakaya tucked away in the J-Town complex in Markham. Open for lunch and dinner, the casual eatery draws hungry diners for its sashimi, yakitori and...

Japanese Express / Restaurants

4300 Steeles Av East 905.479.4340
Japanese Express

Japanese Express in where to get your sushi fix in Pacific Mall. They have a little bar to sit and enjoy your spicy salmon or spider roll. Japanese Express seems...

KaKa All You Can Eat / Restaurants

3235 Highway 7 East, Markham ON 905.604.5023 Website
KaKa All You Can Eat

KaKa All You Can Eat offers one of the best AYCE sushi experiences I've ever had - just don't let the price tag scare you away. The Markham restaurant costs more...

Keung's Delight / Restaurants

7030 Warden Avenue 905.948.9000
Keung's Delight

Keung's Delight is perhaps the most popular out of the three Keung Kee restaurant chain locations. Known for its big portions and speedy service, locals and out-of-towners love to come...

Kiu Sushi / Restaurants

169 Enterprise Blvd. 905.513.6368 Website
Kiu Sushi

Kiu Sushi is where to go for upscale sushi in Markham. The restaurant, found in the new Downtown Markham development right by the Cineplex Cinemas, is owned by the same...

Lavish Beauty Bar / Fashion Stores

144 Main St Unionville, Markham, ON L3R 2G5 905.604.4110 Website
Lavish Beauty Bar

Lavish Beauty Bar is a mecca in historic Unionville for primping and pampering. The boutique does manicures, facials, waxing, eyelash extensions and more....

Le Baron / Fashion Stores

8365 Woodbine Avenue, Markham 905.944.0682 Website
Le Baron

Le Baron is a family owned and operated store that places an emphasis on price and offers a good selection of boots. I have found their staff at the...

Le Modern Japanese Cuisine / Restaurants

8920 Woodbine Ave. Markham 905.604.7800 Website
Le Modern Japanese Cuisine

Le Modern Japanese Cuisine is a little hidden away - it's located in the ground level of a nondescript business complex tucked into a side street off Woodbine Ave. If...

Lemon Tree / Restaurants

3229 Highway #7 East, Unit #9 905.489.1160
Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree is a Malaysian/Southeast Asian restaurant located at First Markham Place. They serve a wide assortment of dishes such as hainese chicken, pho and malaysian style rice noodles. Prices...

Liberty Burgers & Wings / Restaurants

144 Main Street North Markham, ON 905.554.5599 Website
Liberty Burgers & Wings

Liberty Burgers & Wings is located in the quiet and quaint neighbourhood of Main Street North in Markham. Opened just under a year ago, the newly renovated interior offers room...

Ling Long Legend / Restaurants

3235 Hwy 7 East Markham 905.477.9881
Ling Long Legend

Ling Long Legend is located in First Markham Place and features Northern Chinese Cuisine. Their most advertised dish is their hand-pulled noodles, which you can see made fresh from their...

Lingan Cream House / Restaurants

6055 Steeles Avenue East 416.292.5464
Lingan Cream House

Lingan Cream House (also spelt Lingan Cream House) is a small Indian snack and dessert place in the Markham Road and Steeles Avenue East plaza. They offer vadai fritters and...

Little Bangkok / Restaurants

227 Main Street Markham North, Markham, ON L3P 1Y6 905.471.8818 Website
Little Bangkok

Little Bangkok dishes out Thai favorites in Markham. Head there to dine on everything from crispy basil chicken to bamboo squid. ...

Lohas Cafe / Restaurants

3235 Highway 7 East Markham 905.604.6669 Website
Lohas Cafe

Lohas Cafe is a cozy little restaurant located in First Markham Place. Their menu features Taiwanese snacks and meals, as well as a wide array of bubble tea selections. You'll...

Love Me Sweet / Baked Goods

7181 Yonge St. 647.633.1899 Website
Love Me Sweet

Love Me Sweet is where you should go if you're craving Japanese-style cheesecake when you're not downtown. This bakery, located at the base of the World on Yonge condos, serves...

Lucky Food Mart / Grocery Stores

8360 Kennedy Rd Markham 905.943.9222
Lucky Food Mart

Lucky Food Mart is where you can always count on getting cheap Asian potato chips and snacks, not to mention specialty products around the time of Chinese celebrations....

Lucullus Bakery (Markham) / Baked Goods

7750 Kennedy Road, Markham 905.513.1188 Website
Lucullus Bakery (Markham)

Lucullus Bakery is a mainstay for Hong-Kong style Chinese pastries and baked goods in the GTA. While their bolobao and egg tarts have been top sellers since time immemorial, this...

Magic Wok / Restaurants

4331 14th Ave, Markham 905.305.6088
Magic Wok

Magic Wok is the epitome of a solid, no-nonsense Chinese family restaurant that serves up fresh and delicious dishes with a strong focus on lobster....

Maison du Japon / Restaurants

7500 Woodbine Avenue 905.415.8233 Website
Maison du Japon

At Maison du Japon, there are differently sized rooms to accommodate very large (think full-blown banquets and weddings) or smaller numbers. Sophisticated decor, pleasant staff, and reasonably priced AYCE ($11.99...

Malay Thai Famous Cuisine / Restaurants

3255 Highway 7 East, Markham 905.948.1628
Malay Thai Famous Cuisine

Malay Thai Famous Cuisine, located in the food court at First Markham Place, offers classic Malaysian and Thai fare. The menu includes everything from tiger shrimp to tom yum soup....

Manikanda Villas / Restaurants

3341 Markham Road 416.293.6264
Manikanda Villas

Manikanda Villas is a new halal Indian takeout place located on Markham and Steeles. They offer a wide array of extremely cheap Indian eats, such as chicken or beef curry...

Marca Trattoria / Restaurants

96 Main Street North, Markham Ontario 289.859.9200 Website
Marca Trattoria

Marca Trattoria boasts three locations, though the Main St. Markham location is the flagship. The menu here consists of Italian classics including stone oven pizza. With a few mainstays and...

Mei Nung Beef Noodle House / Restaurants

3229 Hwy 7 East Unit 15 905.477.8388
Mei Nung Beef Noodle House

Mei Nung Beef Noodle House is one of the many offerings in the incredibly busy First Markham Place plaza. Many people familiar with the establishment identify Mei Nung by its...

Mi Hyang / Restaurants

3229 Highway 7 East Unit 3 905.604.0253
Mi Hyang

Mi Hyang is a small, cozy restaurant located at First Markham Place that serves up traditional "family-style" Korean cuisine. They offer all-day specials for only $4.99, and every meal comes...

Michael Angelo's Marketplace / Grocery Stores

8555 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON L3R 4X9 905.307.8555 Website
Michael Angelo's Marketplace

Michael Angelo's Marketplace is a grocery shopper's utopia in Markham. With everything from fresh produce to a range of prepared food, this market is sure to have everything you need....

Michidean Limited / Baked Goods

7725 Birchmount Rd 905.946.0708
Michidean Limited

Michidean Limited in Markham does mostly wholesale, which means if you're in the mood for a patty, you'll likely end up with 12. Of course, that's not really a bad...

Milano Foodworks / Restaurants

7181 Woodbine Avenue 905.477.0777 Website
Milano Foodworks

Milano Foodworks, on Woodbine Avenue just south of Denison, is a popular lunch time option for big plates of pasta, souvlaki, gyros, veal and chicken sandwiches....

Moji / Restaurants

8362 Kennedy Rd. 905.479.6654 Website

Moji is an Asian-fusion restaurant at New Kennedy Square mall. It's easy to spot - it's the only restaurant with wooden exterior window frames when you drive across the parking...

Mong Kok Chinese Restaurant / Restaurants

8360 Kennedy Rd Markham 905.948.8668 Website
Mong Kok Chinese Restaurant

Mong Kok Chinese Restaurant offers one of the best values when it comes to dim sum. During weekdays between 9 am to 4 pm, a large selection of their dim...

Monte Carlo Inn Downtown Markham / Hotels

7255 Warden Ave. 905.752.2700 Website
Monte Carlo Inn Downtown Markham

The Monte Carlo Inn in downtown Markham manages the rather unique achievement of being a relatively new hotel with interiors that nevertheless feel a little awkward and outdated. The lobby...

Morals Village (Markham) / Restaurants

8333 Kennedy Rd. 905.604.8995 Website
Morals Village (Markham)

Morals Village offers an upscale hot pot experience that combines the elegance of Eastern cuisine with premium Western ingredients like certified Angus beef. With approximately 600 stores in China alone,...

Nak Won (Markham) / Restaurants

3225 Hwy 7 East 905.604.2471 Website
Nak Won (Markham)

Nak Won is a restaurant chain that is well-known for its large variety of Korean and Korean- Chinese dishes. This particular location feels a lot brighter and more spacious than...

Nakamura Bakery / Baked Goods

3160 Steeles Avenue East 905.752.1355 Website
Nakamura Bakery

Nakamura is a Japanese bakery located inside the J-Town complex near Steeles and the 404. Cakes, pastries, donuts and more are made here including a beef curry donut, sadly, a...

New City Restaurant / Restaurants

8392 Kennedy Rd, Markham 905.479.3281
New City Restaurant

New City Restaurant in Markham serves up Chinese food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner options - tons of baked dishes to choose from. My fav, the Hong Kong style French toast,...

New SpiceLand Restaurant / Restaurants

3351 Markham Road 416.335.3030
New SpiceLand Restaurant

New SpiceLand Restaurant is a takeout Indian restaurant located right beside the large SpiceLand supermarket in the Indian-centric plaza on Markham and Steeles. This place offers a large cornucopia of...

Nine Cube Hot Pot / Restaurants

3229 Highway 7 East Markham ON 905.604.3866
Nine Cube Hot Pot

Nine Cube Hot Pot takes this style of dining to another level. Located in the First Markham Place complex, this small restaurant provides a four-pot and even an eponymous 9-grid...

Niwatei / Restaurants

3160 Steeles Ave E #2 905.513.6492

Niwatei, which means "Castle of the Feather Boat" in Japanese, is a month old Ramen restaurant found in the J-Town complex in Markham. I heard good things about Niwatei from...

Nonna's Ristorante / Restaurants

9275 Hwy 48, Unit 18, Markham 1.905.205.0145 Website
Nonna's Ristorante

Nonna's Ristorante is where it's at If you've got a hankering for Italian food. Their menu includes a medley of Italian eats, like wood fired pizzas, homemade pasta dishes, and...

Noodle Star / Restaurants

9255 Woodbine Avenue, Markham 905.888.6828 Website
Noodle Star

Noodle Star is a Markham Chinese restaurant that specializes in traditional fare. It's got an expansive menu that's filled with dishes like lemon chicken, braised vermicelli, dumplings and more. It...

Novita Italian Cuisine / Restaurants

25 Cochrane Drive 905.947.1900 Website
Novita Italian Cuisine

Novita Italian Cuisine serves up traditional favourites. On the menu you'll find a selection of antipastis, pizzas, pastas, and paninis....

Octagon / Restaurants

7529 Yonge St. 905.889.8989 Website

The Octagon is not trendy, exciting or new by any means. It is, however, a purveyor of well executed cuts of meat and seafood, and a place where you'll find...

Old Firehall Confectionery / Baked Goods

170 Main Street Unionville 905.415.9192 Website
Old Firehall Confectionery

The Old Firehall Confectionery, true to its name, is located in a former fire station in Unionville. They specialize in all kind of sweet treats, from cupcakes and macarons to...

One's Better Living (Woodbine) / Design Stores

9255 Woodbine Avenue Markham 905.887.6323 Website
One's Better Living (Woodbine)

One's Better Living is a massive 10,000 square foot Japanese-style department store in Markham. It carries neck pillows, visors, storage stools and everything in between....

Osaka Sushi (Markham) / Restaurants

5762 HWY 7 East, Markham, Ontario 905.471.8006 Website
Osaka Sushi (Markham)

Osaka Sushi is a Japanese food lover's paradise in Markham. They serve ramen, udon, donburi and all the necessary rolls at a fairly inexpensive price. ...

Oshio Japanese Restaurant / Restaurants

2900 Steeles Ave East 905.881.5686
Oshio Japanese Restaurant

Oshio Japanese Restaurant has been a long-time resident in the bus terminal of a mall at Don Mills and Steeles. Taken over two years ago by new owners, little has...

Owl of Minerva (Markham) / Restaurants

3229 Regional Road 7 Markham ON 905.477.7275
Owl of Minerva (Markham)

Owl of Minerva in Markham is part of a larger Korean restaurant chain, and is located in the First Markham Place strip plaza. Locals love to come here for a...

Papa Chang's / Restaurants

Unit 110, 5970 16th Ave., Markham 905.554.7211 Website
Papa Chang's

Papa Chang's is tucked into a nondescript plaza but is always full of patrons munching down on their cheap but delicious Taiwanese specialties such as the crispy popcorn chicken or...

Papa Chang's Express / Restaurants

4300 Steeles Avenue 905.604.8845 Website
Papa Chang's Express

Papa Chang's Express is a newest outlet of the popular Papa Chang's restaurant, serving up Taiwanese comfort foods on the second floor of Pacific Mall. With its parent restaurant ranked...

Patisserie Gateau / Baked Goods

3255 Highway 7 East Markham 905.474.3168
Patisserie Gateau

Patisserie Gateau is a Chinese bakery located in First Markham Place. They are best known for their white sugar cakes and "boot jai gohs" which are chewy pudding cakes. You...

Peach Garden (Markham) / Restaurants

7077 Kennedy Road 905.480.9823
Peach Garden (Markham)

Peach Garden is a Vietnamese restaurant located in the small plaza across from Pacific Mall and Market Village. While most pho noodle places have three sizes of bowls to choose...

Peaktop Restaurant / Restaurants

3235 Highway 7 East 905.738.7838 Website
Peaktop Restaurant

Peaktop Restaurant is a mainstay of First Markham Place. The Cantonese restaurant opened its doors in 1997 and has had several renovations to keep the interior fresh and current, even...

Pho Pad Thai / Restaurants

20 Apple Creek Blvd, Markham 905.305.6755 Website
Pho Pad Thai

Pho Pad Thai is a Markham Thai joint that serves up all your favourite Southeast Asian dishes. Whether you're on the market for a steaming bowl of pho or a...

Pho Viet / Restaurants

7010 Warden Ave. 905.307.2688 Website
Pho Viet

Pho Viet is a popular Vietnamese restaurant that is most well-known for its friendly-service and delicious food. People love to come here for a casual yet authentic "Pho" noodle experience....

Phoenix Restaurant / Restaurants

7155 Woodbine Avenue 905.940.1113
Phoenix Restaurant

Phoenix restaurant is where my family congregates for a Hong Kong café food fix and a cool glass of their signature milk tea. Whenever we head out for a...

Pinoy Waffles / Restaurants

4300 Steeles Ave. E. Markham 416.402.8219 Website
Pinoy Waffles

Pinoy Waffles is proof of the value and goodness of a simple homemade snack. This tiny stall on the second floor inside Pacific Mall's Pacific Heritage Town serves up various...

Pitalicious / Restaurants

7605 Woodbine Ave, Markham 905.477.7482

Pitalicious is the place to go in Markham if you're craving a shawarma. Their menu touts the classic roster of Middle Eastern fare and daily specials that ring in under...

Pizza 786 / Restaurants

2352 Middlefield Road 905.554.7886 Website
Pizza 786

Pizza 786 offers a blend of Italian and Middle Eastern foods, such as pizza, panzerotti and shawarma, as well as chicken wings. Also available for take-out and delivery....

Pizza Drive / Restaurants

6055 Steeles Avenue East 416.754.3736
Pizza Drive

Pizza Drive is a halal pizza joint located in the Indian-centric plaza on Markham and Steeles. Their menu has offerings as diverse as pasta, gyros, and Singaporean noodles from under...

Planeta Mexico / Restaurants

187 Main St. Unionville L3R 2G8 905.604.4117 Website
Planeta Mexico

Planeta Mexico serves up some tried and tested Mexican family recipes that have surpassed generations. Located on Unionville's quaint Main Street, the food is cooked using fresh, local and seasonal...

Power King Restaurant / Restaurants

8360 Kennedy Rd Markham 905.948.1888
Power King Restaurant

Power King is a long-standing favourite among many for its classic Cantonese food. It specializes in comfort food staples such as congee and chow mein....

Presotea / Cafes

4300 Steeles Ave. East 647.213.6688 Website

Presotea is an oddity in that it's at once invisible and ubiquitous. While it rarely has its own location, the chain's drinks are often offered as part of another restaurant's...

Raku Ramen Izakaya / Restaurants

8360 Kennedy Rd Markham 905.477.3828 Website
Raku Ramen Izakaya

Raku Ramen Izakaya makes great $10 stone pot rices (with the katsu curry one being my personal favourite). The spicy ramen ($8) is a great choice for those who have...

Raw-More Cafe / Restaurants

8110 Birchmount Rd, Markham ON 416.509.3643 Website
Raw-More Cafe

Raw-More Cafe serves up waffles, panini, salads, gelato, crepes, espresso-based drinks, fresh juice and smoothies and makes for a fun spot to hang with friends, get some work done or...

Red Bulb Espresso Bar / Cafes

6148 Main St., Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON 905.591.2054 Website
Red Bulb Espresso Bar

Red Bulb Espresso Bar is bringing the indie coffee scene north. Located on Stouffville's historic Main St., Red Bulb is the perfect local coffee shop in a community experiencing tremendous...

Running Free / Fashion Stores

708 Denison St. 416.410.3733 Website
Running Free

Running Free strikes me as Running Room's kid sister, if only because it doesn't boast countless locations throughout the country. With just five stores including this one in Markham, Running...

Sahebi Kabob Toronto / Restaurants

3341 Markham Road 416.321.3456
Sahebi Kabob Toronto

Sahebi Kabob is a halal Afghani restaurant located on Markham and Steeles. They offer a large variety of kabob combos, such as the tender chaamp kabob (lamb chops) which is...

Sakura Sushi (Markham) / Restaurants

7010 Warden Ave 905.307.0401
Sakura Sushi (Markham)

Sakura Sushi is a small Japanese restaurant hidden in the T&T Supermarket plaza on the corner of Warden & Steeles. The sushi and sashimi here is done fresh and they...

Sam's Congee Delight / Restaurants

4390 Steeles Ave 905.479.1074
Sam's Congee Delight

Sam's Congee Delight is an always-crowded joint located inside the soon-to-be-demolished Market Village, and is definitely a place to visit before time runs out. The tasty pork liver congee, with...

Serissa Cate / Cafes

3636 Steeles Avenue East Markham, ON L3R 1K9 905.604.3138 Website
Serissa Cate

Serissa Cate is the latest incarnation of the many tea houses that have occupied this spot at Metro Square mall in Markham. Modern and sleek, this new Asian café chain...

Shark's Fin City / Restaurants

4300 Steeles East 905.948.8801
Shark's Fin City

The Shark's Fin City stall in Pacific Mall offers shark fin in a variety of forms, including soup with mushrooms ($21.99) and stewed with egg ($5.50). It also offers BBQ...

Shirin Mahal (Steeles) / Baked Goods

5651 Steeles Ave East # 9 416.609.8100 Website
Shirin Mahal (Steeles)

Shirin Mahal is a sweet shop that offers an assortment of foods from cream cakes, to lemon tarts, to chicken patties. All of their food is made with traditional Pakistani...

Shiso Tree Cafe / Restaurants

3160 Steeles Avenue East 905.479.9319
Shiso Tree Cafe

Shiso Tree Cafe specializes in Japanese-style pasta. Internationally, there are chains that serve this food, most notably Pasta de Waraku which is insanely popular in Asia, but since none of...

Smash Kitchen / Restaurants

4261 Highway 7, Markham 905.940.2000 Website
Smash Kitchen

Smash Kitchen serves up comfort food with a slight modern twist. Found in an old plaza, the deceptively restaurant packs its menu with offerings like mac and cheese, crab cakes,...

So-Gong Dong Tofu House / Restaurants

3229 Hwy-7 905.477.8638 Website
So-Gong Dong Tofu House

So-Gong Dong Tofu House is a Korean restaurant located at First Markham Place. It is the perfect place to grab a quick, casual meal if you are craving some bubbling...

Spellbound Hair Design / Fashion Stores

3255 Highway 7, Markham 905.943.7773 Website
Spellbound Hair Design

Spellbound Hair Design is where to go if you ever wanted to get your hair to look like those quirky J-Pop or Cantopop artists with their anime-gravity-defying looks and multicoloured...

Spicy Legend / Restaurants

4300 Steeles Avenue East Markham 647.863.0630 Website
Spicy Legend

Spicy Legend is a small stand inside Pacific Mall that serves up authentic Yanbian-style street food. Find the stall in the corner of the older of the mall's two food...

Spring Villa Chinese Cuisine / Restaurants

7301 Woodbine Avenue 905.940.2888 Website
Spring Villa Chinese Cuisine

Spring Villa Chinese Cuisine is a restaurant tucked away in an inconspicuous plaza close to Woodbine and Steeles. Despite its awkward location, tons of people flock here on weekends for...

Star King / Restaurants

7050 Warden Avenue 905.415.0008
Star King

Star King is a Vietnamese and Thai cuisine restaurant located in what used to be a Kelsey's on the corner of Warden and Steeles. The place is spacious with plenty...

Star Music / Bars

4300 Steeles Ave East 289.807.1673
Star Music

Star Music is a karaoke lounge on the upper floor of Pacific Mall. This is a decent option if looking to share a private room among friends. Prices are reasonable....

Studio Six Framing & Art Supplies / Design Stores

157 Denison Street, Markham 905.475.1136 Website
Studio Six Framing & Art Supplies

Studio Six Framing & Art Supplies in Markham offers a little bit of everything - supplies, painting classes, and even custom framing. The selection isn't huge compared to some of...

Sugartiers / Baked Goods

735 Markland St., Markham ON 905.888.9880 Website

Sugartiers offers cupcakes and macarons in a dazzling array of flavours. The Markham bakery's cakes are always fresh and sweet without being overwhelming. In addition, they frequently have cake pops,...

Suite 22 / Design Stores

160 Bullock Drive 905.554.6084 Website
Suite 22

Suite 22 is a Markham design shop offering modern Italian furniture and decor. Exclusively. While the trend in furniture shops nowadays seems to be offering a bit from here and...

Sun's Kitchen / Restaurants

4300 Steeles Avenue East 905.947.8463 Website
Sun's Kitchen

Sun's Kitchen is the place to head to in Pacific Mall when in the mood for noodles or dumplings. The chefs pull and prepare the dough right in front of...

Sushi Fun / Restaurants

7335 Yonge Street 905.764.7788
Sushi Fun

Sushi Fun sounds like a fun place, and it is if you like stuffing your face with lots of sushi and other assorted Japanese dishes as this is an all-you-can-eat...

Sushi on 7 / Restaurants

4568 Hwy 7 905.940.9288
Sushi on 7


Sweet Esc Dessert Cafe / Cafes

30 Gibson Dr #120 905.604.6588 Website
Sweet Esc Dessert Cafe

Sweet Esc Dessert Cafe is a hidden gem for your sweet tooth nestled in a strip mall in Markham. The imposing cookie-cutter buildings of suburbia that surround this cafe obscure...

Sweet House Dessert / Restaurants

7750 Birchmount Road, Markham ON 905.604.3582 Website
Sweet House Dessert

Sweet House Dessert is a favourite in Markham for sweet eats. Their durian pancakes, sweet black sesame soup, and rice balls make it a go-to for lovers of Asian desserts....

Sweet Note Desserts / Baked Goods

505 Highway 7, Markham Ontario 905.877.9338 Website
Sweet Note Desserts

Sweet Note Desserts may be the only place in Markham where one can feast on a proper soufflé. This bakery is taking French desserts and turning them on their heads...

T&T Food Counter / Restaurants

8339 Kennedy Road 8339 Kennedy Road 416.297.8113 Website
T&T Food Counter

T&T Food Counter is the Kennedy Road division of the popular Asian grocery mecca T&T Supermarket. At the counter you'll find a bevy of prepared meals and grocery items, though...

T&T Supermarket (Markham) / Grocery Stores

7070 Warden Avenue 905.470.8113 Website
T&T Supermarket (Markham)

T&T Supermarket is a chain of grocery stores that not only stocks massive amounts of (relatively cheap) Asian groceries, but they also have a bustling dim sum and sushi counter...

T&T Supermarket (Woodbine) / Grocery Stores

9255 Woodbine Avenue 905.927.9113 Website
T&T Supermarket (Woodbine)

T&T Supermarket is an Asian grocery mecca filled with goods that you won't find at your run-of-the-mill Loblaws. Inside there's everything from produce to instant noodles to grab n'...

T-Swirl Crepe / Restaurants

1056-28 South Unionville Ave. Markham, ON 905.604.0247 Website
T-Swirl Crepe

T-Swirl serves up a huge assortment of savoury and sweet crepe-related goodies. It's located in an almost-hidden corner of Langham Square, a semi-obscure shopping complex better known by locals as...

Taipei Chin Yuan Pai Ku / Restaurants

3636 Steeles Ave East 905.940.2008
Taipei Chin Yuan Pai Ku

Taipei Chin Yuan Pai Ku is located in the food court of Metro Square Mall on Steeles Ave. This fast food stall only offers around half a dozen or so...

Tapagria / Restaurants

230 Commerce Valley Drive East 905.771.8868 Website

Tapagria brings upscale Spanish tapas-style dining to Markham. This spacious restaurant with high ceilings, minimalist decor, and dark wood panelings occupies the space that was previously the popular Go For...

Tasty House / Cafes

4350 Steeles Ave E 905.470.1699
Tasty House

Tasty House not only specializes in bubble tea, but also savoury and sweet crepes, fruit slushies, and milkshakes. Some of the more unique bubble tea flavours they list include Japanese...

Tavazo Dried Nuts and Fruit / Grocery Stores

7345 Yonge Street 905.763.1855 Website
Tavazo Dried Nuts and Fruit

Tavazo Dried Nuts and Fruit specializes in its eponymous items, although they're particularly well-known for their selection of pistachios. You'll also find an array of chocolate-covered fruit, as well as...

Tehran Supermarket (Thornhill) / Grocery Stores

7327 Yonge Street 905.482.1770 Website
Tehran Supermarket (Thornhill)

Tehran Supermarket (Thornhill) is a Middle Eastern grocery store that offers packaged pantry items, prepared products and produce, as well as take-out and bakery options....

Ten Ten's Dumplings / Grocery Stores

3636 Steeles Ave E, Markham ON 905.948.4525
Ten Ten's Dumplings

Ten Ten's Dumplings is where to go if you've ever wanted to cook your own dumplings and hold a little dim sum party. Offering frozen pre-made dumplings ranging from pork...

TEN23 / Bars

3100 Steeles Avenue East 905.479.6488 Website

TEN23 might be the only place in the GTA that offers private karaoke rooms and a menu complete with ox tongue and spaghetti Bolognese. But know this: Decent weekday rates...

Tendou Matcha & Dessert Cafe / Cafes

3621 Highway 7, Markham, ON 905.604.5133 Website
Tendou Matcha & Dessert Cafe

Tendou Matcha & Dessert Cafe is bringing matcha soft serve to Markham in a serious way. With special matcha imported from Hoshino Tea Gardens all the way in Japan and...

The Alley / Cafes

505 Highway 7 Markham 289.597.8855 Website
The Alley

The Alley is proof that not all bubble tea cafes are created equally. This cafe, the first Canadian location of a fledgling Taiwanese chain, offers creative teas and other beverages...

The Best Shop / Design Stores

4300 Steeles Avenue East Markham 905.944.8826
The Best Shop

The Best Shop is a massive store at the top of Pacific Mall that's akin to a Chinese Wal-Mart. It stocks everything that you would find in an Asian household,...

The Low Carb Grocery / Grocery Stores

170 Esna Park Drive #8 905.752.1284 Website
The Low Carb Grocery

The Low Carb Grocery offers low carb pastas, breads, bagels, and snacks. They also offer information regarding low carb diets and recipes from their Markham retail location. The Low Carb...

The Markham Station / Restaurants

5117 Sheppard Avenue 416.299.4141
The Markham Station

The Markham Station has a $4.99 all day breakfast that might get you in the door but this restaurant is popular with night crawlers and the hungover alike. It's...

Thee Asian Kitchen / Restaurants

3160 Steeles Ave East 905.474.9899 Website
Thee Asian Kitchen

Thee Asian Kitchen offers a fusion of Thai, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. Their cleanly designed, modern interior hosts extra-long tables for big groups of more than 12. They also have...

Tiny Tom Donuts / Baked Goods

7323 Woodbine Avenue 905.604.3094 Website
Tiny Tom Donuts

Tiny Tom Donuts is a CNE favourite of mine, but never before have I encountered the deep-fried magic off Exhibition grounds. But here at Denison and Woodbine they're made just...

Toast Delight / Baked Goods

8339 Kennedy Road, Markham ON 416.856.3026 Website
Toast Delight

Toast Delight is a well-loved Chinese bakery in Markham. On the menu you'll find an assortment of Hong Kong style waffles, with flavours ranging from green tea to red bean....

Today's Sportswear / Fashion Stores

8360 Kennedy Rd Markham 905.479.3019 Website
Today's Sportswear

Today's Sportswear is a large sporting goods store shoehorned into the back corner of the New Kennedy shopping centre. The bargains here are nothing short of breathtaking. They claim to...

Touhenboku Ramen (Unionville) / Restaurants

1070 Major Mackenzie Drive East 647.873.2208 Website
Touhenboku Ramen (Unionville)

Touhenboku Ramen in historic Unionville is one of a chain of Touhenboku locations in the city. Its familiar menu includes staples like donburi, gyoza and an array of ramen. ...

Tracy Dessert / Baked Goods

3255 Regional Road 7 Unit 29 905.470.2222
Tracy Dessert

Tracy Dessert is a cozy and traditionally-decorated Chinese dessert shop located in First Markham Place. There is an extensive menu with everything you can think of, from mango pudding to...

Tripl3 Baked / Baked Goods

2711 Bur Oak Ave. Markham 289.554.2253 Website
Tripl3 Baked

Tripl3 Baked is a bakery in Markham that's been making waves for its delectable cupcakes, cakes and other confections. This place was opened in July 2014 by three long-time friends...

Tucker's Express / Restaurants

7333 Woodbine Avenue 905.474.3529 Website
Tucker's Express

Tucker's Express lives up to its names by serving take-out and ready prepared meals including salads, sandwiches and roast beef....

Utopia Dream Cafe / Cafes

7170 Warden Avenue, Markham 416.878.8770 Website
Utopia Dream Cafe

Utopia Dream Café is one part bubble tea café and one part board game café. While bubble tea joints are rampant in Markham, what sets Utopia apart is their rather...

VIP Vietnamese Cuisine / Restaurants

3229 Highway 7 East 905.415.9699 Website
VIP Vietnamese Cuisine

VIP Vietnamese Cuisine has good pho. The beef slices in each of their pho dishes are by far some of the freshest in the GTA. In addition, their lemongrass chicken/porkchops...

Wei's Kitchen / Restaurants

3229 Hwy 7 Unit 13 905.947.9388
Wei's Kitchen

Wei's Kitchen is a casual Chinese restaurant located in First Markham Place. They offer lunch specials that come with a drink from 11:30am to 5:30pm, with a variety of soup...

Wonton Hut / Restaurants

3760 Highway 7 East 905.604.9060 Website
Wonton Hut

Wonton Hut is a wonton noodle shop located inside the Markham Town Square plaza at Highway 7 and Warden. Situated between a Cora's and McDonald's, Wonton Hut caters to anyone...

Woodstone Restaurant / Restaurants

20 Apple Creek Blvd 905.305.6755
Woodstone Restaurant

Woodstone Restaurant calls itself a Vietnamese and Thai restaurant, but it's completely run and operated by Chinese people, as evidenced from the din of Cantonese conversations between the wait staff....

Wooffles & Cream / Restaurants

8360 Kennedy Rd. Markham ON 647.281.0487 Website
Wooffles & Cream

Wooffles & Cream is a food stall located in a predominately Chinese mall at Kennedy Rd and Highway 7 in Markham. The concept here is unique, serving up a selection...

Wutai Vegetarian Restaurant / Restaurants

8425 Woodbine Ave. 905.305.1338
Wutai Vegetarian Restaurant

Wutai Vegetarian Restaurant is where to go for Chinese vegetarian food. Also known as Buddhist cuisine, the dishes served up may not come with any meat but certainly aren't lacking...

Yang's Kitchen / Restaurants

4261 Highway 7 905.944.0818
Yang's Kitchen

Yang's Kitchen on Highway 7 is a forerunner in the AYCE sushi scene, and their expertise certainly shows in their service and quality food. If you aren't convinced, just walk...

YellowTail / Restaurants

9255 Woodbine Avenue Markham 905.927.9388 Website

YellowTail is a Markham restaurant offering way more than just sushi, sashimi and maki. Its expansive AYCE menu features an array of dishes, including ramen, stir fry, tempura and teppanyaki....

Zen Japanese Restaurant / Restaurants

7634 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON 416.265.7111 Website
Zen Japanese Restaurant

Zen Japanese Restaurant offers a mixture of sushi and more traditional Japanese cuisine. To start, we settle on the braised cod with miso paste ($7.95). The fillet arrives unadorned, save...

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