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Fly Nightclub 2.0

Fly 2.0 is the redone version of the Fly nightclub we all know and love. Located in the same space in the Village , Fly 2.0 is fun, fierce, and fabulous.

I visited Fly 2.0 late one night, excited to see how Fly 2.0 differed from Fly 1.0.

Like iPhones, would the newer redux indicate an increase in quality? Or would it just be a sad rehashing of a once-successful concept, like M. Night Shyamalan movies ?

Fly Toronto

Fortunately, Fly 2.0 falls into the former category. Like the original space, Fly 2.0 has the same amazing dance floor on the first floor, with a wraparound-style balcony on the second floor for people to watch dancers work it out below.

Fly Toronto

The lighting system is intense, flashing and moving faster than a weirdo in a trenchcoat.

The small additions to the old Fly include a new entrance as well as newly opened space on the second floor. While the second floor has always has a small area to sit and chat, this new room is quieter, with high tables and gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows.

Fly Toronto

It's nice to have a little space to take a time out from the loud music and fog machine.

Despite the fact it's in the middle of a club, it seems like the kind of place you would go for a quiet cocktail with a friend or to gently accuse someone of giving you chlamydia.

Fly Toronto

I asked the bartender for the most popular drink, and he handed over a Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade ($8.25). Combined with all the super hot dudes that were definitely not into me, it brought back so many memories of high school.

Noted Toronto photographer Jesse Milns ordered a tequila and soda ($6.25) which he said "tasted good" (unprompted), and "did not taste like bile" (prompted because tequila always tastes like bile).

Fly Toronto

The club filled with even more enthusiastic partiers as the night went on. As someone who has seen every episode of Dance Moms , I can accurately say that everyone on the dance floor was truly fantastic, working it to the beat and stopping only for occasional selfies and grindr breaks.

Fly Toronto

With amazing dancing, intense lighting and cool atmosphere, partying at Fly 2.0 is like experiencing a k-hole of happiness. The drinks aren't super cheap, but if you show up before 11:30, you can avoid cover (it jumps from free to $8 at 11:30 and then $12 at 1 am).

Fly 2.0 has shown that like John Stamos , a little age and a few renovations can take something that is pretty good and make it even better.

Fly Toronto

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Jesse Milns

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