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Church Wellesley Village

Church Wellesley Village, home to Toronto's original LGBT-oriented community, is still going strong even if the younger crowd has migrated to Parkdale, West Queen West and beyond. The stretch of Church from Carlton to Bloor also goes by more colloquial names like the Village, the Gay Village, the Gay Ghetto or Gaybourhood, but either way you slice it it's still home to a thriving mix of restaurants, cafes and clothing stores. It's also ground zero for the annual Pride Week, one of Toronto's biggest summer festivals and one of the largest Prides in the world.

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7-24 Movies & More / Services

584 Church St. 416.924.0724
7-24 Movies & More

7-24 Movies & More is located in the heart of the Church and Wellesley Village. They boast Toronto's largest collection of LBGT-oriented films, and, indeed, one of the city's largest...

Akasha Art Projects / Galleries

511 Church St. 647.348.0104 Website
Akasha Art Projects

Akasha Art Projects is run by artists and photographers with over 25 years' experience in the art world, lending them a careful eye for accenting art through framing. If one...

Asahi Sushi / Restaurants

640 Church Street 416.934.9990 Website
Asahi Sushi

Asahi just might be the best sushi restaurant on Church St. In addition to the usual nigiri, sashimi and maki, they all serve a variety of Korean dishes including bulgogi...

Black Eagle / Bars

457 Church St. 416.413.1219 Website
Black Eagle

The Black Eagle is a leather bar in the Village. What that means is don't show up here unless you're outfitted in at least two pieces of fetish wear OR...

Boutique Bar / Bars

506 Church St. 647.705.0006 Website
Boutique Bar

Boutique Bar is a stylish Church and Wellesley cocktail bar with tasty drinks and a great patio area. Owner Julien Salomone brings a wealth of experience from France, the US...

Bulldog Coffee (Gerrard) / Cafes

86 Gerrard St. East Website
Bulldog Coffee (Gerrard)

Bulldog Coffee, and its effervescent and snappy owner Stuart Ross, have had their fair share of ups and downs: Location changes, location closings, controversial stances on Wi-Fi (the shop has...

Bumpkin's / Restaurants

21 Gloucester Street 416.922.8655 Website

Bumpkin's bills itself as serving Fine French Continental Cuisine. On the menu are traditional dishes like French Onion soup, Caesar salad and Canard a l'Orange....

Cafe California / Restaurants

538 Church St 416.960.6161 Website
Cafe California

Cafe California serves up Canadian and Italian basics like pizza, pasta, and meat entrees in the heart of the Church Wellesley Village, right across from Fresh Burger. They have a...

Carmen's Steakhouse / Restaurants

26 Alexander Street 416.924.8697 Website
Carmen's Steakhouse

Carman's celebrated its fifth decade this year in its tudor-beamed home near the gay ghetto, and promptly took the summer off to celebrate. Carman's has old school atmosphere to spare,...

Church Bistro / Restaurants

555 Church St 647.348.7744
Church Bistro

Church Bistro is an eclectic restaurant in the village, just north of the Church and Wellesley intersection. It comes with the requisite rainbow decor, and there's a pub-esque option on...

Church on Church / Bars

505 Church St. 416.450.4329 Website
Church on Church

Church on Church is a bar located in the Village, filling the space where George's Play was previously situated. The concept of a church-themed gay bar is a unique, inspired...

Church St. Garage / Restaurants

477 Church St. 647.352.5508
Church St. Garage

Church St. Garage, not to be confused with the Garage Sandwich Company at the back of Pusateri's, occupies the former Big Johnson's in the gay village. They don't profess to...

Churchmouse and Firkin / Restaurants

475 Church St. 416.927.1735 Website
Churchmouse and Firkin

Churchmouse and Firkin is one of the few places in the Village than can rival O'Grady's in terms of patio activity. Yes, this pub is just one among many in...

Crepe It Up (Church St.) / Restaurants

507 Church Street 416.916.3558
Crepe It Up (Church St.)

Crepe It Up on Church is one of two locations of this popular location crepe mini franchise. The other one is located on the lower level of the St. Lawrence...

Crews & Tangos / Bars

508 Church Street 647.349.7469 Website
Crews & Tangos

Crews & Tangos is where I go when I need to dance my heart out. The club is a nightlife staple in The Village, set up in an old two-storey...

Cumbrae's / Grocery Stores

481 Church Street 416.485.5620 Website

Cumbrae's is one of Toronto's most popular butchers and a supplier to some of the city's better restaurants. They hand select their meats from small family farms that meet their...

Distinct Hair Design / Fashion Stores

97 Maitland St. 416.551.2266 Website
Distinct Hair Design

Distinct Hair Design is a homey, cozy salon in the Church-Wellesley Village. They handle a range of styles and services, and despite the sweet interior, they don't shy away from...

Downtown Home Inn / Hotels

2 Monteith St 647.342.1010 Website
Downtown Home Inn

Downtown Home Inn offers a number of rooms, all of which are bright and homey, but the Violet room ($85-$110 based on occupancy) features a private sun deck. There's also...

elmspa / Fashion Stores

557 Church Street 416.964.4500 Website

elmspa is the progeny of Toronto's posh Elmwood Spa. Promising the same service-level, but in "a more spontaneous environment", with "a less formal atmosphere". The description makes it sound like...

Express Pizza / Restaurants

447 Church St.
Express Pizza

Express Pizza is a late night pizza favourite in the Village. As the sign says, you can buy one and get one free....

Eyes on Church / Fashion Stores

483 Church Street 416.962.3937 Website
Eyes on Church

Eyes on Church is small, but makes up for size with glam, and has a loyal clientele that changes eyewear almost as often as their shirts. Owner Farhad Gharemani insists...

Fabarnak / Restaurants

519 Church Street 416.355.6781 Website

Fabarnak is not your typical community centre eatery, so don't be fooled by the location. Housed in The 519 Church Street Community Centre, Fabarnak is a social enterprise offering employment...

Flash / Bars

463 Church St. 416.925.8363 Website

Flash is the Village's new member's only nightclub. Found in all its deep purple glory in the space that was formerly home to the long-serving Bigliardi's Steak House, the completely...

Fly Nightclub 2.0 / Bars

6 Gloucester St. 416.925.6222 Website
Fly Nightclub 2.0

Fly 2.0 is the new, redone version of the Fly nightclub we all know and love. Located in the same space in the Village, Fly 2.0 is fun, fierce, and...

Fresh Burger (Church) / Restaurants

542 Church St 416.519.9302 Website
Fresh Burger (Church)

Fresh Burger has a location on Church in the village with a big patio. This chain serves burgers made with 100% beef ground fresh on-site daily. They have frequent specials...

Fuel Plus / Cafes

471 Church St 647.352.8807 Website
Fuel Plus

Fuel Plus is a cafe, health food store, takeout counter, and place to lock up your running gear. Yes, with free community lockers at the back of the shop, this...

Fushimi AYCE (Church St.) / Restaurants

491 Church St. 416.924.8868 Website
Fushimi AYCE (Church St.)

Fushimi is an AYCE sushi restaurant in the Village that serves up as much raw fish as you can eat for lunch and dinner. The menu is more interesting than...

Gallery Arcturus / Galleries

80 Gerrard St E 416.977.1077 Website
Gallery Arcturus

Gallery Arcturus houses the Genesis Gallery and the Up North Gallery. They exhibit works that challenge the viewer's way of seeing close to Ryerson's campus. ...

George Heinl and Co. / Services

201 Church Street 416.363.0093 Website
George Heinl and Co.

George Heinl and Co. has walls on the main floor showroom covered with signed pictures going back decades - a testament to the loyalty professional customers have for this stringed...

Ghazale (Wellesley) / Restaurants

78 Wellesley Street East 416.922.4417 Website
Ghazale (Wellesley)

Ghazale on Wellesley is the latest outpost of the popular local falafel chain. Check out the review of the Bloor St. location here....

Ginger / Restaurants

546 Church Street 416.413.1053

I've been meaning to write about Ginger's Church Street location for months, but every time I go there, the food shows up looking so good that everyone digs in before...

Hair of the Dog / Restaurants

425 Church Street 416.964.2708
Hair of the Dog

Nachos, salads, weekend brunch and many of the usual pub favourites are what's on the menu at Hair of the Dog on Church Street. ...

Hero Certified Burgers (Church and Wellesley) / Restaurants

77 Wellesley Street 416.972.9665 Website
Hero Certified Burgers (Church and Wellesley)

Hero Burgers at Church and Wellesley is a late-night alternative to the ACME Burgers across the street. This location comes with real peameal bacon, a salmon burger option, and a...

Ho's Place / Fashion Stores

509 Church St. 416.923.9929
Ho's Place

Ho's Place is the go-to spot to get a cut in The Village. The team is quick, friendly and they know their stuff. ...

Jinya Ramen / Restaurants

399 Church St. 647.748.8988 Website
Jinya Ramen

Jinya Ramen is a new player in Toronto's fast-expanding ramen scene. This Church and Carlton restaurant is quickly gaining popularity with its flavourful noodles and wide array of snacks. Walking in,...

Juice Box / Restaurants

491 Church St. 416.924.4671
Juice Box

Juice Box is one of Toronto's best juice bars. Located right in the middle of the Village, the small take-out destination makes fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices but shies...

Just Thai / Restaurants

534 Church Street 416.928.9100
Just Thai

Just Thai endures as the most popular Thai restaurant in the Village. The small front patio is a near perfect spot for people watching in the summer....

Kawa Sushi / Restaurants

451 Church St. 416.921.2888
Kawa Sushi

Kawa Sushi is where the old Omi Sushi used to be in the Village. While the fish doesn't live up to the former tenant's glory, it's more than serviceable and...

Kinka Izakaya (Church St.) / Restaurants

398 Church St. 416.977.0999 Website
Kinka Izakaya (Church St.)

Guu Izakaya is the first Toronto outpost of the popular Guu group of restaurants from Vancouver. It's located in an otherwise unassuming strip mall on Church Street, though the striking...

Kinton Ramen (Church) / Restaurants

396 Church St 647.348.8555 Website
Kinton Ramen (Church)

Kinton Ramen is one of several locations of this popular Toronto ramen chain. Known for its customizable menu and unique Japanese tapas-style appetizers which change from location to location, the...

Ladybug / Design Stores

513 Church St 416.922.9971 Website

Ladybug sets itself apart from other florists with a high commitment to service, as countless relieved brides can surely attest. With its flagship location at Church and Wellesley (and another...

Lola's Kitchen / Restaurants

634 Church St. 416.966.3991 Website
Lola's Kitchen

Lola's Commissary opened up earlier this year in an old Victorian on Church St. just south of Bloor. Wanting to check it out for a while, we finally stopped in...

Neighbor Wang / Restaurants

389 Church St 647.351.8851 Website
Neighbor Wang

Neighbor Wang is a large Chinese restaurant serving noodles and snacks on Church. It's named for a real Mr. Wang who genuinely wanted to bring a neighbourly culture to downtown...

North of Brooklyn (Church) / Restaurants

469 Church St. 647.980.7990 Website
North of Brooklyn (Church)

North of Brooklyn opened a second spot in the Village a couple months back - until the location was forced to shut down suddenly after oven woes. After a temporary...

O'Grady's / Restaurants

518 Church Street 416.323.2822 Website

O'Grady's is a popular pub in the Village that has some pretty sweet patio to stake out space in the summer. Brunch is served on weekends and featured celtic pancakes...

Olympic 76 Pizza / Restaurants

8 Gloucester St. 416.960.0092 Website
Olympic 76 Pizza

Olympic 76 Pizza is not new to Toronto. This restaurant and pizzeria opened in - you guessed it - 1976, the same year Canada last hosted the summer Olympics. With...

ONOIR / Restaurants

620 Church St. 416.922.6647 Website

O.NOIR was undoubtedly the biggest dining gimmick to hit the Toronto restaurant scene in 2009. For those unfamiliar, the novelty of O.NOIR centers on eating in a pitch-black room and...

Out on the Street / Fashion Stores

551 Church St 416.967.2759 Website
Out on the Street

Out on the Street is a men's clothing boutique in the vibrant Church strip in Church Wellesley Village. Expect to be greeted by a huge rack of fluorescent briefs, and...

Passage Tattoo Parlour / Services

473 Church St. 416.929.7330 Website
Passage Tattoo Parlour

Passage Tattoo Parlour. If you're not looking for it, you will miss it. Nestled in the thick of the Village, firmly planted on Church St., its only storefront is an...

Pegasus Bar / Bars

489 Church St 416.927.8832 Website
Pegasus Bar

Pegasus on Church is found on the second floor on the east side of Church Street, in the heart of the Village. It's been a neighbourhood staple for almost 20...

Pita Pan / Restaurants

507 Church St 416.925.1414
Pita Pan

Pita Pan offers something that is apparently unique to the Toronto area: zucchini in place of chickpeas for the actual falafel balls. This Jordanian twist was so unusual that...

Pizzaiolo (Church St.) / Restaurants

461 Church Street 416.922.5252 Website
Pizzaiolo (Church St.)

Pizzaiolo opened its latest location in Church-Wellesly village, offering up the comforting and generously-topped thin crust pizzas Torontonians have grown to love. A larger dining area than other locations makes...

Priape Toronto / Services

501 Church St. 416.586.9914 Website
Priape Toronto

Priape has roots in sex goods specific to gay men but they have evolved in their 30-year history. The Toronto location, a 4-year Church Street staple, carries a little something...

Primrose Hotel / Hotels

111 Carlton Street 416.977.8000 Website
Primrose Hotel

The Primrose Hotel on Carlton St. in Toronto isn't going to win any awards. The reasons someone might want to stay here is that the hotel is (a) somewhat...

Pusateri Fruit Market / Grocery Stores

497 Church Street 416.923.2043 Website
Pusateri Fruit Market

Doing a brisk business in quality produce since 1966, Pusateri Fruit Market is owned and operated by the founding Pusateri's son-in-law and his business partner. ...

Red Rocket Coffee (Wellesley) / Cafes

154 Wellesley St. East 416.640.1355 Website
Red Rocket Coffee (Wellesley)

Red Rocket Coffee cannot bribe me with free shortbread cookies. While I thoroughly encourage the attempt I simply cannot be bought. Truth! The thing is, they don't have to. I...

Sagrario Pilates Studio / Fitness Clubs

405 - 65 Wellesley St. East 416.929.7405 Website
Sagrario Pilates Studio

Sagrario has a decor - black floors and Asian-inspired accents - that gave it a dojo vibe and I wondered if I mistakenly signed up for a martial arts class....

Smith / Restaurants

553 Church St. 416.926.2501 Website

Smith has been open for three years on Church Street, carefully rebranding itself to serve a more diverse clientele than its predecessor, the disco nightclub cheekily dubbed "Straight". Owner Renda...

Spirits Bar & Grill / Restaurants

642 Church Street 416.967.0001 Website
Spirits Bar & Grill

Spirits Bar & Grill has a big screen TV, karaoke and serves typical pub favourites like nachos, wings and fish and chips....

Statler's / Bars

487 Church St. 416.922.0487

Statler's has been around in the Village for a number of years, in various incarnations. It's still a popular spot for locals to grab a drink, listen to some music...

Steamworks Toronto / Fashion Stores

540 Church St. 416.925.1571 Website
Steamworks Toronto

Steamworks is easily the most popular bathhouse in Toronto. It's a destination for local and visiting gay men during Pride Week and Halloween. There are line-ups during holidays. Don't even...

Striker Sports Bar / Restaurants

31 St. Joseph St. 416.929.9595 Website
Striker Sports Bar

Striker Sports Bar is officially Toronto's only gay sports bar. The idea came to Oliver Douglas and Vince Silva after trying to watch a major hockey game at a bar...

Tacoritto (Church St.) / Restaurants

556 Church St. 416.546.8226 Website
Tacoritto (Church St.)

Tacorrito on Church Street is one of two Tacorrito locations in the city (the other is in Corktown). The budget-friendly menu has all the Mexican staples, from burritos to quesadillas....

The Croissant Tree / Restaurants

625 Church St 416.925.8379 Website
The Croissant Tree

Croissant Tree is a popular brunch spot with several locations in the downtown area. They serve classics like omelettes and eggs benny. This Church location has a patio, and is...

The Marquis of Granby / Restaurants

418 Church St 416.599.0418 Website
The Marquis of Granby

The Marquis of Granby opened quietly last week on Church, north of Gerrard – the site previously home to landmark gay destination The Barn for the last 20+ years. The...

Wild Ginger / Restaurants

389 Church Street 416.977.4777
Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger offers sushi such as rolls, tempura and sashimi, Thai staples such as basil chicken and thai chicken curry, as well as all-you-can-eat options. ...

Woody's and Sailor / Bars

465 Church St. 416.972.0887 Website
Woody's and Sailor

Self-proclaimed as Toronto's hottest gay bar, Woody's has been living up to its name since springing to life in 1989. Famed for its weekly Best Chest and Best Ass contests,...

Yum Cha / Cafes

584 Church St. 647.680.0225 Website
Yum Cha

Yum Cha should be on your go-to list of bubble tea joints if like cozy independent cafes. Featuring probably one of the cutest logos I've seen from a non-corporate entity...

Zaza Espresso Bar (Church St.) / Cafes

585 Church St 416.934.9292 Website
Zaza Espresso Bar (Church St.)

Zaza Espresso Bar, which already has four other locations around the GTA, is now open on Church St. The cute little coffee chain serves what they say is the best...

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