EFS is a new rooftop patio servicing businesspeople and trustfund 20-somethings in the King West area. Inspired by a piece of art, EFS stands for Everything's For Sale , though given my experience at EFS, it could easily stand for Eco Fucking Serenity , Extra Firewater, Sir or Elite & Fashionable Smoking .

Eco Fucking Serenity.

Going to patios in Toronto can be a bit of a crapshoot (as in some patios are crap and you want to shoot yourself because you have heatstroke and malaria after an hour on one) but once in awhile, there are some winners. EFS is one of them. EFS is great because the patio is hidden away from King Street and the constant cacophony of traffic below, there is lots of shade available, and the greenery gives it a great concrete jungle-meets-actual jungle vibe. There are small cabanas lining the sides of the patio with comfortable booths in the middle (though cabanas are for bottle service only). It looks like Apu's rooftop garden but with less Paul McCartney and more bankers in RayBans.

Extra Firewater, Sir.

I started my evening with a glass of the white sangria ($13 for a glass, $40 for a pitcher). I'm always a bit apprehensive when I order a drink that's on the costly side as I start doing the math to determine exactly how much it will cost me to get drunk and start assigning values to variables that can't really be monetized (allow x to represent funness of venue, while y is average attractive level of patrons, don't forget to show your work). Fortunately, the sangria was really strong which makes having just one drink a realistic option if you want to have fun without having to resort to a toast sandwich later on in the night. I also tried the Thyme Lemonade ($13) which was equally strong and even more delicious due to the interesting combination of sweet, sour and savory. All of the cocktails at EFS are developed by a real mixologist, which is why they tasted so much better than the usual tallboy-in-a-coffee-cup specialty.

Elite & Fashionable Smoking.

Each of the cabanas come equipped with hookahs ($50 for set up and first flavour). Though hookahs are becoming more and more commonplace on the Toronto patio scene, the hookahs at EFS are the same kind are the kid who got shot on Degrassi gets which makes them even more attractive. Hookah service also includes individual mouthpieces for each person which is great if you are drunk but still care about your oral hygiene. I sampled the Apple-Mint flavour. As a hookah virgin, it was good in a weird pie-on-fire way. Leading Hogtown Artist and Tobacco Enthusiast Jesse Milns agreed it was a real high-class hookah.

EFS is a great patio with a cool chilled-out vibe. The atmosphere is great, the drinks are strong and the smoking is legitimized and socially encouraged. Cover is $10 (Wednesday and Thursday), $15 (Friday) and $20 (Saturday) after 10 pm, but free as an after-work destination so if you're a drudgeter (drunk budgeter), make sure to get there early. Just be sure to try the thyme lemonade and make multiple references to all the times you've found a big hunk of pork in your vegetarian frozen meal.

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