CiRCA is Peter Gatien's 3000 capacity uber club at John St. and Richmond. The entrance to CiRCA starts familiar enough with a Guvernment-esque box office. Beyond the cash registers is a long, dimly lit hallway filled with display cases where you might spot a female Elvis impersonator squeezed into a gold jumpsuit a top a pseudo-Harley, or a foxy mechanic working her pliers on a model engine.

All is just a prelude to the stairwells outfitted with leather clad mannequins. Or perhaps the topless dancer who parades under a see-through umbrella. Then there's the unisex bathroom outfitted with a bar and DJ.

A club this size implores ingenuity and creative flare. The massive dance floor houses giant speakers that emanate so much base it needs to be countered with areas that offer reprieve. My favourite is an intimate room at the east end of the third floor which sometimes surprises with live musical performances and mood lighting.

Then there's the Kid Robot adorned bar on the west side that features Frank Kozic's smoking bunnies (some pimped up in gimp outfits!). It's a Magic Pony fan's wet dream.

Elsewhere is more standard fare like an obnoxiously tricked out VIP glass cube overlooking the dance floor (for celebs and athletes I'm told) or the bottle service booths for Bay Street bankers to show off their, um, personality.

But unmistakably, there's embattled impresario Gatien's touches. On any given night, there might be a stream of masked ballerinas strutting on the second floor.

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