BLND TGER (get it guys it's blind tiger but there are no i's) is a new bar located in Little Italy . Serving up bottle service and beer-on-tap, BLND TGER mashes up fun bar and sassy nightclub.

I visited BLND TGER late on Friday evening. The space that BLND TGER occupies has been home to a few different bars throughout the past few years, so I was anxious to see if this would be different.

At first glance, BLND TGER looks pretty similar to its predecessors . Bottle service booths line the perimeter of the space, with a large bar in the middle and a second, smaller bar off to one side.

On the far side is a small-ish dance floor and the DJ booth. While the decor had previously been more lodge-themed, as was the style at the time, the decor at BLND TGER is a little more relaxed - there's exposed brick, leather furniture and a city mural that's approaching Drake levels of Toronto love (it's really big and makes Toronto look great.)

The biggest difference is the variety of arcade games scattered throughout the bar. There are various types of cool retro games around the entrance and bottle service booths, plus foosball and pool tables near the main bar.

Determined to fuel up for my night of gaming and judging others, I asked the bartender what the most popular drink was. She listed off five or six mixed drinks, including a cosmo ($8).

Though I realize it's not 1999, I'm not cheating on my Jesus-esque boyfriend with an Electra Complex father figure type, and I'm not making nearly enough money through writing to buy any shoes, much less Blahniks, I decided to play by Super Size Me rules (if she says the words, I have to get it). The cosmo was tart and strong, a nice throwback to the days of yore.

As the night got later, the club got busier. Like an eighth-grade birthday party, people took to the dance floor (mostly females), people flocked toward the arcade games (mostly males), and people stood in the back and watched the TVs above the bar (mostly me).

To me, it always seems a bit strange to have TVs in a club. I guess it makes sense if the TVs are displaying something that adds to the theme or decor of the club (for example, if a country bar shows a spaghetti Western or a retro dive bar shows an old black and white film or an Entertainment District club shows an episode of To Catch a Predator ), but BLND TGER's TVs were showing commercials for their own bar.

Like ads for Facebook that are on Facebook, isn't it redundant to advertise your product to only the people who are already using your product? What more do they want from me?

Determined to break eye contact with the hypnotizing commercial that was slowly and wordlessly commanding me to spend all my money at the bar/buy stock in BLND TGER/ hurt the people I love, I decided to check out the arcade games.

The alcove behind the bar houses two games, one of which is Time Crisis 3 . Putting a 10+ year old arcade game in what is mostly a club could seem like a risky idea, but it was easily the highlight of the club.

It was really fun to go back and forth between the dance floor and playing a game that requires stomping a lever for some reason and shooting. The games also proved to bring people out of their groups and bottle service booths; By the time I left, there was a crowd of people around Time Crisis 3, watching the player and waiting for a turn.

BLND TGER is a fun mashup of bottle-service club and chill bar. With dancing, games and very convincing commercials, it's the type of place that has something for everyone.

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