Over the Moon Bakeshop Toronto

Over the Moon Bakeshop

Over the Moon Bakeshop is named for the way their baked goods are supposed to make you feel. With a win on Donut Showdown in the bag, these treats are bound to make you at least a little giddy and are good enough to compete with the best bakeries in Toronto.

As such, donuts are the name of the game here, but there are also gigantic fortune cookies, ice cream sandwiches, squares, baguettes, bagels, and breads. The place is owned by Susan Shilling, who left both New Brunswick and a career in PR open up in the Stone Pizza space.

Over Moon Bakeshop Toronto

When Over the Moon wanted to go full-on retail, The Stone Pizza was looking for help with the rent. Over a period of time this turned into Shilling’s team fully running the pizzeria, turning from a bake shop that does all its cooking in pizza ovens into a nighttime pizza spot.

over the moon torontoSavoury items like baguettes and poppy seed, everything and plain bagels ($1) are found in a corner. There's also a selection of scones and croissant.

Over Moon Bakeshop Toronto

Ice cream sandwiches that rival the queue-causing masterpieces at Bakerbots are made with ice cream from Ed’s Real Scoop (this one has strawberry, between chocolate chip cookies) and should go for around $6 in summer.

Over Moon Bakeshop Toronto

They’re also famous for cupcakes ($3.50) which come in a variety of flavours and themes. A “sundae” chocolate cupcake is topped with a huge ice-cream-like scoop of frosting.

Over Moon Bakeshop Toronto

The effect is completed with chocolate, sprinkles and a maraschino cherry on top.

Over Moon Bakeshop Toronto

Cakes can be ordered for a variety of holidays, and they also do catering.

over the moon torontoTheir giant fortune cookies are made of tuille, a kind of flat cookie that as it cools and hardens is easy to manipulate into shapes, the edges dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkles.

Over Moon Bakeshop Toronto

Donuts in flavours like chocolate dip or Turtle are $2.25 each, $13 for a half dozen or $25 for a dozen, and they serve cute little donut holes too that don’t skimp on filling though they’re smaller. Raspberry-filled, Boston cream and caramel apple pie (with a diced apple filling) donut holes are just some of the options.

Over Moon Bakeshop Toronto

Not only do they have donut holes but cake donuts ($1.50), cake batter deep fried and coated in sugar.

They’re also famous for their traditional hot cross buns ($8.50 for six, $1.50 for an individually baked one).

Over Moon Bakeshop Toronto

And don’t forget the chunky, chewy, humongous apple fritters ($3)

over the moon torontoThe space is cramped, customers jostling for room, and I have to physically exit the shop to let a mother with a stroller through. On the plus side, all production is out in the open, fully visible behind the donut case and chest freezer containing ice cream.Over Moon Bakeshop Toronto

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