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Bonne Nouvelle

Bonne Nouvelle is a patisserie combining classic French desserts with Korean ingredients.

The former home of the city's dustiest-looking Burro Burrito has transformed into the prettiest all-pink space for viennoiseries and delicate little desserts. 

bonne nouvelle torontoMarried couple Soonyoung Choe and Kihoon Kwon, who also go by Clara and Francis, are both trained pastry chefs who've respectively worked at high-end Parisian establishments like La Liste, Patisserie Gilles Marchal, Hotel Fouquet, and Cafe Pouchkine. 

bonne nouvelle torontoThey've brought a number of popular desserts from Paris to Toronto (like deux cheesecakes, seasonal fruit cakes, and Napoleons) and even Russia with Napoleons and Medoviks. But what sets them apart is the use of ingredients common in Korean cooking. 

bonne nouvelle torontoA standard croissant recipe gets taken to the next level with kelp powder and soy powder for some extra umami.

bonne nouvelle torontoIt's subtle but makes all the different for these amazingly crispy croissants filled with flavours like raspberry and black sesame. 

bonne nouvelle torontoThere's also a version of kkwabaegi, a Korean twisted bagel, made with croissant dough instead of the usual rice dough. 

bonne nouvelle torontoA more recent trend that's been making its rounds worldwide are tromp l'oeil desserts, which are essentially optical illusions, in dessert-form. 

bonne nouvelle torontoFor example, a beautiful banana pound cake ($4.25) that looks near identical to an actual banana. It's dense, moist, and intensely satisfying to cut into with a fork given its appearances. There's also a lemon version that's equally fun to crack open. 

bonne nouvelle torontoThe best way to sample Bonne Nouvelle's signature French-Korean flavours are through their Seoul canelé, which you can buy by the box ($16). 

bonne nouvelle torontoThese caramelized French pastries come with fillings like black sesame, matcha, yuja (yuzu in Korean), and dalgona: the Korean honeycomb coffee that hit the Internet by storm at the beginning of the pandemic. 

bonne nouvelle torontoYou can also get those same flavours in Madeleine form, with boxes going for $18. There's also Korean mugwort, or injeolmi: roasted soybean powder. 

The patisserie's beautiful glass case also showcases small cakes like the Zen matcha ($8.25) or lemon tarts infused with basil and extra virgin olive oil ($8.25). 

The process of infusing is time-intensive: it takes about three days to make the cakes from start to finish. 

bonne nouvelle torontoWhen it comes to drink, you can get a Dalgona latte ($5.60) instead of making it at home like all the kids on social media.

bonne nouvelle torontoThey're also doing black sesama lattes ($6) and yuzu slushes ($6). 

bonne nouvelle toronto

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