toronto bylaw billboard

People in Toronto can now see giant billboards with new bylaws that don't even exist

Do Toronto's bylaws annoy you? Do you wish you could make your own bylaw? Well, you're in luck.

A new art project allows Toronto residents to come up with their own ridiculous bylaw and have it posted on a billboard somewhere in the city.

Presented by Future Perfect: New By-laws for Civics Spaces, the project recycles commonly used words found in already established bylaws to create quirky and silly new ones. Artist creds go to Mia + Eric and Action Hero.

Head to to see a bunch of single words sourced from Toronto's park bylaws and drag them together to make a new one - basically a giant word scramble.

The possibilities are entirely endless.

I especially like "graphic dog advertising restriction at park" and "promotional animal picnic under suspension."

toronto fake bylaw billboards

You'll find the creative bylaws near The Bentway.

Once you create your bylaw and send it in through the website, artists will enlarge the words and put them together, displaying your creation on a billboard at The Bentway.

Part of the SummerWorksTO Peformance Festival, the project is like "accidental poetry," acting like alternative "playful instructions, permissions or manifestos."

To see what others are playing with, visit the FP_new_rules Twitter account, which posts every bylaw submitted.

You can even pop into the Bentway Studio to catch a glimpse of the artists rewriting the bylaws!

The performance piece is on display until Aug. 21.

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Future Perfect: New By-laws for Civic Spaces

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People in Toronto can now see giant billboards with new bylaws that don't even exist

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