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Indigo stores now have a Trending on TikTok section and people have thoughts

Indigo now has a book section called "TikTok Trending" in Toronto stores, where a number of books that are popular over the app, are hitting the shelves.  

The sign in the section reads "discover top recommendations with #BookTok", which is a hashtag you can type into the app's discover section to check out what's popular to read.

Indigo told blogTO the book section was put in place due to a surge in demand for books from young people, fueld by the popularity of #BookTok. 

"People often find their next great read through recommendations and we love how TikTok has opened up a new platform to share," said a spokesperson for Indigo. 

Canadian author Fonda Lee, was one of the first to share her thoughts about the new book section: 

Some people thought Lee was dissing the book section and had their own reactions to that: 

One person called Lee "an old-fashioned elitist":

Fonda tweeted again to clarify what she meant, saying she was pointing to her age, in the original tweet and not dissing #BookTok:

Other people had their own reactions to the book section, talking about how they've watched books rise to popularity on TikTok:

One person tweeted about how #BookTok could save reading as a hobby:

No matter what age you are, it seems that TikTok platforms have made their way into the retail world, even with books.

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Indigo stores now have a Trending on TikTok section and people have thoughts

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