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Toronto just got futuristic-looking portals

Ever wished you could walk through a portal to the future? On one Toronto street, you can feel like you're doing just that with a curious and colourful new interactive phenomenon that's popped up.

Portals is now live at College Park, a collaboration put on by the Downtown Yonge BIA, MRKTS 777, Anex Works and Canderel condos.

Five seven-sided rings with colourful decorations are mirrored on the inside and light up as you walk through them, creating a trippy time-travel feel.

That also means they're perfect backdrops for portraits day or nights. The installation is totally free to view and makes it easy to physically distance.

The rings feature decoration by five artists: Andre Kan, Erin McCluskey, Gosia Komorski, Alberto Cruz and Caylen Monroe, each with their own vibrant individual style.

The installation is on view from Sept. 20 to Oct. 20.

Lead photo by

Downtown Yonge BIA

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