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This new Toronto show is performed inside a see-through bubble and it's totally free

Since the beginning of lockdowns, we've all felt like we've been trapped inside a bubble. This new one-man show takes that concept one step further and is literally trapped and performing in a bubble.

For the last few days of summer, watch a solo performance of the character Pierrot through dance, text, mime, and drawing.

This outdoor show is the first event back for Théâtre français de Toronto (TfT) since the beginning of lockdowns.

Without speaking a word to the audience, Pierrot captivates the audience with his stunning visuals and hilarious performance.

La Bulle wanted to explore the themes of social distancing, by placing safety centre stage.

Tickets are free but a reservation is required for the event.

The run for this one-man show starts on Aug. 31 and runs through Sept. 5.

Lead photo by

Muriel Cavanhac

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