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New museum series addresses the lack of representation in Toronto's history

BIPOC artists will be featured in Toronto History Museums’ new Awakenings series in an effort to address the lack of representation in the stories of Toronto's history.

Mayor John Tory announced the initiative in Monday's news release as part of the City of Toronto's efforts to address racism in the city.

Indigenous dancers will be featured in the art piece "Acknowledgment," as a part of Awakenings. Photo by Andrew Williamson/The City of Toronto.

They are working in accordance with the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Calls to Action in the Museum sector to embody Indigenous voices, stories and knowledge into programs, collections management and sites.

The series will explore important topics and ask questions such as,"In this era of reconciliation, how do we acknowledge our collective history?" and "What is the future of Black People in North America?”

It will feature monthly virtual art projects beginning in December and is expected to be released over the next few years.

This month, Awakenings will debut with the launch of their first three projects, A Revolution of Love, Behind the Curtain and We Were Always Here. 

Lead photo by

The City of Toronto

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