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Toronto company transforming iconic works of art into Posters for Humanity

There's no better time than right now to donate to one of the many organizations helping fight the COVID-19 crisis both at home and abroad, and that's why one Toronto startup decided to create a non-profit online store to sell posters for charity. 

Toby Xia is the founder of the Toronto-based ML startup 1mpressions, and he and some of his coworkers got together to create Posters for Humanity to provide humorous art to people for a good cause.

"Our aim is to help people create a perhaps humorous, personal environment during quarantine," Xia said. "Our posters are currently geared toward the COVID-19 pandemic and we have had very positive responses from the community."

Their website features several COVID-19-related posters and stickers for sale, including numerous famous pieces with masks added to them, such as the Mona Lisa and American Gothic

Other posters feature information about the pandemic, and they even have the classic American I Want You poster telling people to stay home.

Prices range from $4.25 for a sticker to $21.99 for the larger posters, and sales this month are going to UNICEF Canada

"UNICEF (UNICEF Canada) was selected as the first charity for the month of April because of their service to developing countries in preventing COVID-19 spread," their Pre-Launch Report states.

The non-profit has committed to releasing a report every two quarters with cost breakdowns and information about the charity chosen for the month.

The Pre-Launch Report also acknowledges that they're currently unable to source from local businesses and thus reduce production and shipping costs due to COVID-19, but they say they plan on operating long after the pandemic and will start cost cutting measures to improve their margins once it is safe to do so. 

"Posters for Humanity believes that everyone can make a difference, and it often starts with ourselves," their website states. 

"Visualize a better environment by stylizing your space with fun, humorous, and inspirational posters. We’ll donate the proceeds and work to visualize a better humanity. "

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