winter stations toronto

Toronto's most popular beach was just transformed into something completely different

People flocked to Toronto's waterfront yesterday to experience another year of large-scale art at Winter Stations 2020

The weather was as good as it can get, for this time of year anyway, so the Family Day crowds were out in full force. 

winter stations torontoThe free arts exhibit, now in its sixth year, managed to lure hibernating Torontonians out of their homes to explore the installation-covered stretch of Woodbine Beach.

It was smaller than the exhibits of years past, with just four winners out of 273 submissions that were submitted to the Winter Stations Design Competition.

winter stations torontoThis year's theme was Beyond the Five Senses, designed to bring locals to the waterfront in the dead of winter with stimulating artwork.

Here's what the installations for Winter Stations 2020 look like at Woodbine Beach right now. 

winter stations torontoMirage

The heat of the sun: how we miss it. This installation by Cristina Vega and Pablo Losa Fontangordo recreated our favourite fiery orb in its two modalities: as red, setting sun, and as a yellow rising one, depending on which angle you look at it. 

winter stations torontoKaleidoscope of the Senses

Repurposing one of Woodbine's old lifeguard chairs is this looming red and white structure with some audio and even aromatic components to it. 

The installation by Charlie Sutherland of the Edinburg-based studio SUHUHA is made up of several beams, an open bell-like tower, which makes metal clanking noises, and a black chimney designed to emit wafts of scented oils (though you couldn't really smell anything). 

winter stations torontoNoodle Feed

This playful cluster of colourful noodles from augumented reality studio iheartblob works directly with the custom app noodlefeed, allowing users to create AR drawings and upload them onto the app for others to see. 

Instagram users could also use the custom iheartblob face filters with coordinating colours from the noodles in front of them. 

winter stations torontoThe Beach's Percussion Ensemble

This Centennial College creation brings positions three different-sized wooden boxes around a giant steel drum. Metal bells tinkled in the wind, and visitors were invited to tickle the bells themselves with sticks chained the structure. 

If you can brave the cold, Winter Stations is open to the public at Woodbine Beach for free until March 30. 

Lead photo by

Fareen Karim

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