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How Bizarre, How Bazaar

Need a little Gothic something to add to your wardrobe or party outfit for Hallowe'en?

The Bazaar of the Bizarre is a hallowe'en and holiday marketplace this Sunday, organized by a Toronto arts-based collective known as The Royal Sarcophagus Society (The RSS).

You'll find exotic and macabre items from corsets, hats, tailcoats, horror t-shirts, jewellery and accessories to spooky dolls, pillows and divination products. There will also be eerie artwork, haunted sculptures, glass and metal art and some frighteningly good Hallowe'en chocolates.

Over 40 local artists, clothing designers, publishers and other local artisans will be represented at this eccentric emporium of curious crafts. The marketplace is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and will offer free treats for the kids, a snack bar and a live painting by horror artist Peter Mihaichuck.

Following is a brief Q&A with "Creepy" Christine Stait-Gardner of The RSS.

BlogTO: There seems to be a lot of local artists, designers, etc. at this marketplace you've set up. Where did you find these vendors?

Creepy Christine: They are all local (as local as Hamilton anyway). We found them (and they found us) through word of mouth, or they are vendors we've had at previous events and we posted on our website and on TO Craft Alert.

Which particular vendors or displays do you think our readers will find most interesting?

Um... ALL of them are interesting! Seriously, it would not be nice to single out a particular vendor. The variety of artisans is great. Everything from clothing, accessories and jewelery to spooky things for the home, dolls, toys, handmade Hallowe'en chocolates, Gothic spa products and paper ephemera.

Can you tell me more about the limited-edition titles hot off the House of Pomegranates Press?

Alive! The Sideshow Sonnets by Liisa Ladouceur and Chrysanthemum Shadows from Nancy Baker are the latest publications. Both are beautifully presented books. See our web store for more details.

What sort of treats will be offered?

It's Halloween after all, so candy for sure! We also have some great door prizes and special baggies for kids.

What are you (personally) planning to do for Hallowe'en (costume, parties, events, etc)?

I'm taking my nine-month-old son for his first Hallowe'en walk to the neighbours. Then his dad says I'm free to go out to a club. Yay! Since Hallowe'en is never really over at our house, we're also having a party mid-November to continue the festivities.

The marketplace is at 6 Noble St., near Queen St. W. just west of Dufferin (conveniently located) mere blocks away from the zombie walk.

Photo of Tough Zombie by JaMmCat from the blogTO flickr pool.

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