The Power Ball versus The D-List Ball

Get ready for a showdown this Thursday as the Power Ball and D-List Ball square off in a head to head battle for the hearts and wallets of the local arts community.

The Power Ball, now in its tenth iteration has long been heralded as one of the must attend art-parties of the year. But for some, the party is seen as pretentious and with a $160 price tag to attend all but inaccessible to most Toronto artists.

Enter Gallery TPW who last Spring organized a competing fundraiser - the cheap and cheerful D-List Ball. While the inaugural event was a bit of a flop, they're back this year for version 2.0 with a new venue, cheaper price tag and raffle prizes!

Which fundraiser is gonna win? Hopefully, both of them. But for now I present a cheat sheet to the must know details about these events.


The Power Ball: The Power Plant

The D-List Ball: The Gladstone Hotel


The Power Ball: June 1, 1999

The D-List Ball: May 5, 2007

Theme for 2008

The Power Ball: Decadence

The D-List Ball: None officially.

Who's Behind It

The Power Ball: The Power Plant

The D-List Ball: Gallery TPW


The Power Ball: An ambitious, glitzy and outrageous art-party fundraiser.

The D-List Ball: Cheap thrills at a gala event artists can actually afford.

Audience - According to the Organizers

The Power Ball: Sophisticated urban professionals comprised of decision-makers, taste-leaders, trend setters and the movers and shakers from film, fashion, finance, technology, media, advertising, dance, music, design and the visual arts.

The D-List Ball: Disenfranchised artists who don't want to or can't shell out $160 for the Power Ball but still want to have a fun night out.

Actual Audience

The Power Ball: Spoke and Verity club members, Bay Street types, Entertainment lawyers, UCC and Havergal grads.

The D-List Ball: Actual artists!


The Power Ball: Let's Go to War and DJ Barbi.

The D-List Ball: Comedian Mae Martin, DJ Pat C and live visuals by the Black Light Association of Canada.

Food and Drinks

The Power Ball: Grolsch beer, Pravda vodka martinis and catering by Kultura, Nyood and The Queen of Tarts.

The D-List Ball: Whatever the Gladstone sells. Maybe some cheese plates and veggie sushi.


The Power Ball: Hugo Boss, the National Post, Botox Cosmetics plus many more.

The D-List Ball: The Gladstone, Art Forum and NOW Magazine.


The Power Ball: $140 members. $160 non members.

The D-List Ball: $5

Why It's a Big Deal

The Power Ball: It's the 10th year anniversary!

The D-List Ball: Success this year is critical to prove event has staying power.

For more information, check out the Power Ball and D-List Ball web sites. Have fun!

Photo by 110le on Flickr

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