Vote for Your Favourite blogTO T-Shirt Design

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry to our T-shirt design contest. We appreciate the time and effort it took you to create these.

We now want to know what you, our readers, think. We're opening it up to a reader vote to narrow this down to the top 3 designs. The deadline for voting is next Monday, July 2nd. Then, the blogTO editorial team will choose a winner from the final three.

All the entries are below. When you've finished looking them over, go vote!

What is your favourite T-shirt design?

Entry #1

This entry was from Chad Mueller who wrote: "The design is a photo blog of TO, elements and symbols you recognize in Toronto, all blended together. blogTO represents everything and anything in the community of Toronto."


Entry #2

Jan Avendano submitted this entry. The context: "The sub is called "hot dog" and is a reference to the dog days of summer and the hot hot heat that comes with them. It's a two colour design and works well on navy or brown tees (although any dark tee would also work)."


Entry #3

Chris Postill at Candor Media submitted three designs. About his first, he wrote: "This design is meant to be a political parody, the main joke being that these two little green army with their fish 'guns' are meant to link military powers with the classic idea of fishermen comparing the size of their biggest catch; and reputably bending the truth somewhat. Basically, it is meant to poke some fun at the machismo of some current military mindsets."


And a closer look at the graphic:


Entry #4

The second design submitted by Chris Postill at Candor Media. He wrote: "This design is just a good ol' jump the logo design?!? Not much to say, just thought the action of the motion was visually interesting."


A closer view:


Entry #5

The third design submitted by Chris Postill at Candor Media. He wrote: "This design is more blatantly an ad for Blog TO than the other two. You can see that the mess of wires from the mouse is meant to be plugged into the BlogTO logo, telling people to connect. However I think, if printed on a shirt, the placement and general look of the graphic will look pretty swanky."


A closer look:


Entry #6

This entry was submitted by Nancy Peterman who wrote: "The design is an idea I had for many years. I originally painted this design on canvas and always wanted to put it on a T-shirt, so when I saw this contest I decided to redo the design in Adobe Illustrator. The TO logo just fell in place perfectly. What most intrigues me about this design is the busy patterns bringing together the Jack and Queen in a sexual undertone. We are all Jacks or Queens ... some Jacks love other Jacks and some love Queens ... we are all playing with cards!


Entry #7

This entry was submitted by Lynden Giles who wrote: "A blog is a collection of ideas, discoveries, news and opinions much like a butterfly collection on display. The "brain wall" design explains exactly what the blog is...a collection of brains, great brains, each a specialist in their respected fields, all on display for the viewer."


And a closer look at the graphic:


Entry #8

UPDATE: This has been removed at the request of the designer.

Entry #9

Lukas Geronimas submitted this. His artist statement: ""A catch-all ultimatum that'll keep you from losing your cool when and wherever - just stare at your chest for a second. Right on."


Entry #10

Przemek Abratowski submitted this design. and wrote: "Since Blog TO is all about our fair city, my design is meant to feel like Toronto. The Vector rendering is inspired by one of my original photographs of Toronto."


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