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The unofficial guide to doing yoga on the TTC

Posted by Jaclyn Skrobacky / February 28, 2016

TTC YogaDon't think you have time for your next yoga work out? Just hop on the TTC. Well at least that is what Mark Slater, Brandon Tralman-Baker and JP Spanbauer have been illustrating through a series of hilarious Instagram posts.

These posts highlight how uncomfortable riding the TTC can truly be. From being stuck next to a child to squishing your way onto the streetcar during rush hour, these cartoons depict the crazy positions we find ourselves in while riding the rocket.

Here is your unofficial guide to doing yoga on the TTC.

TTC YogaPose #1 The "I'd kick you if you weren't a kid" pose.

TTC YogaPose #3 The "Vomit Comet" pose.

TTC YogaPose #4 The "FML" pose.

TTC YogaPose #5 The "I should've taken an Uber" pose.

Photos via Mark Slater.

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