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The top 10 patios with WiFi in Toronto

Posted by Natalia Manzocco / July 25, 2014

toronto patios wifiThe top patios with WiFi in Toronto are the perfect places to kick back with a beer or a coffee, soak up some rays - and crank out yet another page of that paper that's due on Monday. For those who take their work everywhere (yes, even to the patio), working with a little refreshment al fresco can be a great way to take edge off what would otherwise be another airless day indoors at the keyboard.

Here are my picks for the top patios with WiFi in Toronto.

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The al fresco WiFi at this cafe/bar across from Christie Pits is a major draw for local writers and freelancers, with a steady population of laptops and journals giving way to the evening bar crowd. Drinks range from espresso to local brews to creative cocktails; if you feel your blood sugar dipping, they offer a tightly-edited selection of snacks and sandwiches. (French cheese sampler plate, anyone?)

dundas and carlaw torontoDundas and Carlaw
This new Leslieville coffee shop/bar will welcome you at all hours, with the hours (7am until late) and the slate of necessary beverages to match. The wireless reaches out onto their very roomy front patio, where you can get some work done while enjoy your craft beer, latte, or sangria.

Fika Cafe
If you love minimal-whimsical Swedish decor, like I do, you'll have to tear yourself back out of this Kensington cafe. (The cozy wingback chairs! The palette of muted greys! The cute little teacups and horse-shaped knick-knacks!) But their front deck is just as charming, featuring four tables with umbrellas, bench seats, a couple of outlets, and an ingenious scheme where you can check in to the restaurant on Facebook to trigger free WiFi (no password required).

cadillac lounge torontoCadillac Lounge
The party crowd descends on weekends and evenings, but during the week, this Parkdale staple's back patio is a great place to kick back - or, in your case, get some stuff done. The WiFi reaches most of the seats - but considering that the massive patio can fit over 200 people, that's still quite a feat. (Opt for either covered or uncovered sections, depending on your laptop screen glare levels.)

starving artist torontoStarving Artist
Bloorcourt residents and St. Clair West-ers, you'll be pleased to know that both locations of the popular waffle joint have WiFi-equipped patios. The original Lansdowne location's 15-seat covered patio is a summertime fave (read: busy at peak hours); there's a little more room to spread out at the new location's 30-seat side patio. Risk a food coma with their lineup of waffle-based delights, and pull back out of one with their rocket fuel-like coffee.

Jimmy's Coffee
Whether you opt for the streetside atmosphere of the tiny front deck or prefer to spread out on the quieter, roomier back patio, the original Jimmy's location near King and Portland has strong enough WiFi to go around - plus, you can work without that big portrait of Jimmy Carter staring at you. (Major bonus: A few outlets set into the fence along the back patio.)

hunters landing torontoHunter's Landing
The most impressive thing about this spot near CityPlace is ... probably their ridiculously elaborate Caesar, which comes topped with bacon slices, mozzarella, a brisket slider, and an entire lobster tail. But the second most impressive thing is their 2,000 square foot patio, which boasts solid WiFi throughout. (Laptop-toters may want to steer clear on Blue Jays game days.)

Cafe Pamenar
The long, narrow back patio at this Kensington cafe is something of an oasis for daytime cafe-workers (NB: you can't avail yourself of the bar's many alcoholic offerings back there). Try to grab a spot at one of the picnic tables if you can - the other half of the seating comes from folding tables, which feel all the more rickety when you have a Macbook perched on one. Tea lovers will adore the 20-plus-long list.

full stop torontoFull Stop
This Junction cafe is a freelancer favourite for its cheery atmosphere, delectable meals and desserts, and super-spacious layout. That roomy feel extends to the back patio, which seats about 20 people on huge communal wooden tables. The WiFi signal is solid for most of the patio, though you'll have to head in if you need to give your laptop a charge (there's plenty of outlets inside).

Tango Palace Coffee Co.
What most patios lack, Tango Palace has in spades: The almighty power outlet. You'll be able to keep the juice flowing to your laptop as you work, while the popular study spot's delicious baked goods and coffee will keep you going. Frequent cafe denizens say the staff are cool with letting you work there for several hours at a stretch.

Did I miss any? Leave your favourite patio with WiFi in the comments.



KevinN / July 25, 2014 at 01:12 pm
Please put the photos of examples after the title/description. It's makes things confusing and unconventional.

freddiestarfish / July 25, 2014 at 01:30 pm
Cafe's are already too crowded with people on laptop. The last thing we need to see are patios being taken up by people in laptops. I really hate going to cafes anymore. Laptops have completely ruined the experience of going.
TIm replying to a comment from KevinN / July 25, 2014 at 01:39 pm
Thanks for the feedback but for consistency, we always put the photos before the write-ups.
Stephanie replying to a comment from TIm / July 25, 2014 at 02:45 pm
And it's *always* confusing.
Matt replying to a comment from Stephanie / July 25, 2014 at 03:07 pm
I have to agree - it's confusing. A small caption would be helpful at least.
KevinN replying to a comment from TIm / July 25, 2014 at 03:40 pm
Thanks for replying.

I enjoy this site very much as well as contributing to articles. But if BlogTO can at least consider that suggestion (as it seems I'm not the only one), that would be great.

BTW Caption is another great suggestion.

Brandon / July 25, 2014 at 08:37 pm
For the record... and to further disarm BlogTO... there hasn't been a pool/billiards table at the Caddy for a long time :)
Wake up.
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