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Menagerie Pet Shop

Posted by Staff / Posted on March 19, 2011

Menagerie Pet ShopMenagerie Pet Shop in Cabbagetown is hard to miss. Say what you want about its eclectic exterior, the inside is brimming with live animals, pet supplies and other necessities for dog, cat, hamster and other pet owners.



c.d. / December 15, 2012 at 08:09 pm
I got pressured into a deposit for a pet I told them I could not take home for a couple months. They sold it shortly after my deposit was put down, then when I came back to get my deposit since they sold my pet, I was colourfully told by the manager Mike to "Go fuck myself, and get a lawyer" I will never step foot in there again.
Rick skimmings / August 28, 2013 at 11:17 am
Wow!! 10:40 Wednesday morning. Buying fish filters. And both Isles busy with staff and had to go to the back of the store. What a chore that was. Then needed a tank light bulb. Get this-- located on bottom shelf by door that opens into bird area. Within 5 minutes I was asked by staff to move at least 4 times so they could get through. Couldn't they. Wait one half minute while I grabbed a bulb without bothering me, THE CUSTOMER, guess they don't need to make money or want the business.

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