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Yogurty's (Queen West)

Posted by Staff / Listed on March 23, 2012 / review policy

Yogurtys Queen WestYogurty's, the burgeoning do-it-yourself frozen yogurt chain owned by Yogen Fruz has taken over the long standing Second Cup location at the corner of Queen and Palmerston.



Amml / July 9, 2012 at 11:58 pm
My boyfriend and I had our first cup of Yogurty's frozen yogurt. We loved the little store. We both sampled the green apple sorbet. It was delicious!! It was perfect for him since he is lactose intolerant. I enjoyed two flavours. Green Apple sorbet of course and the other flavour I don't recall. We decided to put at least 1 topping on it. I was disappointed to see the fruit toppings had no lids on them. Every one of the sweet sugary topping choices had covers. Why not the fruit?? All the fruit flies had a feast.
Amml / July 23, 2012 at 08:32 pm
My boyfriend went back to Yogurty's last week and informed me that there were lids on the fruit. I was so happy to hear that! Someone did read my comments and made a change.

When we went there today for another treat, we were excited and disappointed at the same time. You had two great new sorbet's to tantalize our taste buds. Mango and Pear. WOW were they ever awesome!! The disappointment came, when we saw that the lids for the fruit had disappeared. It was nice to see that there were not 20 flying fruit flies all over it. None the less, we skipped all toppings.

I did ask the lady behind the counter what happened to the lids for the fruit, and she informed us that there are none. We informed her that the fruit were covered last week. She said that was only because the refrigeration system under the fruit was broken. The windows were open and they needed to keep the fruit cold. As she was explaining this, she reached over the fruit to pick up something on the counter in front of us. While doing so, her sleeve and wrist went into the two containers closest to the cash register. I went speechless!! She was total oblivious to knowing that what she did was wrong. Why not come around and wipe the counter top? People really need to be taught about cleanliness, and keeping things sanitary.

My boyfriend told me as we walked out the door that the windows were not opened the day the fruit was covered.

I wonder if my issues will be addressed. Is this just a location thing?

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