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The Dizzy

Posted by Staff / Listed on October 5, 2010 / review policy

The Dizzy TorontoThe Dizzy has flags from all over the world and is a welcoming Gastro Pub in the heart of Roncesvalles. While some might find its menu to be just standard pub fare a little gussied up it seems to work as the regulars rave about the place.



Tina / October 16, 2010 at 04:56 am
Its hardly "gussied up"! They use the term Gastro because of the fact that they cook a classic Canadian pub fare menu but everything is made from scratch. I have had a tour of their tiny "Kitchen of Miracles" and they have no freezer nor do they have a microwave. Its a sports bar just like the sign out front says. But, its our sports bar on roncey and we are glad that they chose this location. Excuse me if I sound like someone who has nothing better to do because of my lengthy comment. I feel like the businesses on roncey have been through a very tough time with the streets & sidewalks construction. I feel obligated to speak up for them as the least I can do. I have been a faithful regular of the Dizzy since it opened in the hood. It used to be a dark, dingy sports bar with patrons who I could only describe as riff-raff! My friends and I wouldnt dare go in there because of the dirty men and would actually cross the street to avoid the losers out front of it. Then the brothers bought the place almost 4 years ago and they totally re-invented the place. The owners, Chris & Scott are both chefs from Toronto. The first thing they did was kick out all of the scummy guys who were scaring the girls. They rallied a group of neighborhood good guys and they litterally took back the corner and made roncesvalles & geoffrey st. safe again! (if anyone can remember back when all those losers would hang out on starapolska"s patio & scare people)True story! Then they cleaned it up, renamed it and paved the way for the good people of the world to enjoy a pint & wings without getting into a fight. Kudos to them! I can remember when I had my first dinner there and overheard one brother telling the other brother "Im throwing him out! If girls dont feel safe in here, were done!" Thats when I knew I was sitting in my new hangout. They have the best food on the street, honestly, its better than most of the high end spots.
Aleksandra / June 12, 2012 at 07:05 pm
We were here for Euro 2012, the place was packed and the atmosphere was great. The service and food was also quite good considering the volume they had to deal with at the time.
D / October 14, 2012 at 06:32 pm
Cockroach warning. Went for steak there one night and there were cockroaches crawling behind the benches and i'm sure there were more where that came from.
Daphne / May 15, 2014 at 12:03 pm
Watched the Habs Bruins Game 7 here and it was a great atmosphere. I'm not a sports bar fan but this place is more of a cozy pub. Friendly patrons, friendly service. AMAZING blackened chicken wings! Huge rib special for $16. I'll be coming here for the rest of the Stanley Cup. I think it serves a great purpose on Roncesvalles.
Mike / January 18, 2015 at 08:44 pm
The first time I went in I had the steak what a awesome cooked steak it was I was shocked to get it at a sports bar. I have been back a few other times well each time I have been back to Toronto and it has always been awesome. From the chicken wings to bugars or their amazing shoestring fries you will love it. I will be in Toronto February 13-16 and will be eating there twice for sure. Great people awesome food.

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