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Ed's Real Scoop

Posted by Elizabeth / Reviewed on May 30, 2010 / review policy

Ed's Real ScoopEd's Real Scoop in the Beaches smells like what I would imagine heaven would, something like warm marshmallow and melted butter with a bit of cinnamon. I was lured in from the street by this, and the promise of hand made ice cream in flavours that brought out the kid in me.

Ed's Real ScoopAt 2pm on a hot weekend afternoon the store was jam packed with a lineup almost out the door and standing in it, I heard the same excited murmers by adults trying to keep their composure as they approached the cooler and rattled off the flavours. At Ed's you could go for something standard like plain old chocolate (made with Belgian Callebaut chocolate) but you don't want to miss out on some of the unique seasonal offerings, like Ginger or Blueberry Pie.

Ed's Real ScoopEd's has been the go-to place for ice cream in the Beach for 10 years, and has a second shop in Leslieville. Inspired by his mom's homemade candy, Ed's products are simple, and honest. The taste doesn't whack you on the head with over the top sweetness or lab created flavours, my Creme Brulee ($3.71 for a regular) was subtle and custardy with hints of caramelized sugar - pretty much an ice cold version of the real deal. My companions Burnt Marshmallow was similar in that it wasn't insanely sweet as you might expect, and had a nice balance. Do you ever eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal just to drink the milk at the bottom of the bowl like I do? That's pretty much what you're getting with the Cinnamon flavour. Do not even think about missing out on that one, trust me.

Ed's Real ScoopSince everything is made in the store, and given the high volume of customers I can assume almost daily, the ice cream is not only expertly flavoured but it lacks that nasty freezer burned texture that you might get in lesser ice cream shops. The friendly and youthful staff know how to pack a cone right down to the very tip.

Ed's Real ScoopIf you're not in the mood for a cone, there is also Gelato, homemade chocolates and candy, sundaes, floats and milkshakes. Vegans can enjoy the sorbets and dark chocolates and prices are reasonable across the board. I regret riding my bike from the west end, only because I realized I couldn't take advantage of the to-go pints ($7).

Ed's Real ScoopEd's is open year round, Sunday-Thursday 11:30-9:30 and Friday-Saturday 11:30-10:00. Check out the website for up to date new flavours.Ed's Real Scoop


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