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Big Fat Burrito

Posted by Tim / Listed on June 19, 2005 / review policy

june1905_bigfatburrito.jpgFor those of you who read my review of Burrito Boyz, you might know I have a thing about burritos. Having spent some time in the taquerias in San Francisco's Mission district, I've come to like burritos done a certain way - a flour tortilla pressed in a steamer, pinto beans, freshly grilled fillings, fresh salsa - with actual chunks of tomatoes - and a good helping of guacamole.

To my dismay, this city's burrito joints fail to deliver.

Big Fat Burrito which recently set up shop in the former Fish Shack spot on Augusta Street in Kensington Market, continues the trend.

Now, for the non-Mission style burrito obessed among us, my Big Fat Burrito is actually pretty good. It's a carbon copy of Burrito Boyz, meaning the chicken burrito ($4.25 for a small, $5.50 large) tastes exactly the same, is made in exactly the same way (grilled not steamed) and has exactly the same fillings.

Unfortunately, like Burrito Boyz, they even put sour cream in their guacamole. A real travesty that not only is a total departure from the traditional guacamole flavour but is a major slap in the face to non-dairy eaters.

Attention Burrito Boyz and Big Fat Burrito - try this recipe instead.

Alas, fans of Burrito Boyz and their Toronto style burrito (including Joanne Kates - who knew?) will be pleased. The burritos taste good. The service is fast and friendly and there's plenty of seating space and washrooms to boot.

The menu also offers somewhat of a twist. There are no quesadillas, but burritos come in four flavours - chicken, beef, veggie and yam.

Big Fat Burritos, 285 Augusta Avenue. 416.913.7487


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