Hip Hop Radio in Toronto

The top 5 hip hop radio shows in Toronto

The top five hip hop radio shows in Toronto share a few things in common - they're mostly in the evening (no one wants to wake up to hip hop? Not buying that) and they're almost all on CIUT - which isn't a bad thing. Yes, many people still listen to the radio, but in a world where the airwaves are overwhelmingly dominated by Top 40, it can be hard to know how to get yourself into that hip hop state of mind. We've done the digging for you - here are the best hip hop radio shows in Toronto.

Stylistik Endeavours 89.5FM CIUT - Fridays - 8pm - 10pm
With musical selections from DJ Fase, longtime staple of Toronto's club and radio DJ scene, alongside Sweet Touch Foundation and host Theo 3, this show shines light onto hip hop culture across its various forms. You'll hear both new and old, popular and underground, as well as a sprinkle of local talent. Tune in!

Back Road Radio 105.5FM CHRY - Mondays - 6pm - 8pm
Monday nights just got better - DJ Big Jacks and DJ Royale of Grand Groove DJs make some mean mixes on a weekly basis, all of which get posted online for free download after the fact. These guys keep their ear to the underground and definitely showcase some of the grittier side of rap music - to get an idea of their play selection check out their final show of 2013 here.

Higher Ground 89.5FM CIUT - Thursdays - 8pm - 10pm
As we all know, at its inception hip hop music was heavily influenced by breakbeats and samples from other genres, so although you might not hear hip hop on these two shows, they zero in on the sounds that built the genre's foundation. On Thursday nights Jason Palma takes listeners on a journey through the world of jazz, soul, raregroove, house, and more.

Stolen Moments 89.5FM CIUT - Tuesdays - 3pm - 5pm
If you're already a fan of Stylistik Endeavors but want to get your figurative fingertips dusty then you should tune into DJ Fase's other show on Tuesday afternoons. He lets you dig through his crates filled with jazz, funk, soul, R&B, reggae, and house. Producers who aren't scared to sample could walk away from these shows with some serious ideas.

Masterplan Show 89.5FM CIUT - Saturdays - 8pm - 10pm
No Toronto hip hop radio show list could be complete without mentioning the Masterplan Show. They've been doing their thing since 1989 bringing 15,000 watts of hip hop power banging in your head top. Rolling into their 26th year on the air, DJ Romeo and Lodi Dodi steer the ship right now.

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