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Toronto Rap Project Ready To Roll

Posted by / April 13, 2006

Next week's ReelWorld Film Festival will premiere The Toronto Rap Project, a documentary film that attempts to answer the old chicken-and-egg question: Does rap music influence violence or does violence influence rap?

Directed by Richard Budman, the film takes an inside look at the independent urban music scene in Toronto and features music from Maestro, Mindbender and The Dope Poet Society.

According to the website, the film poses two main questions: How safe is Toronto? And, what (if any) influence does rap music have on the spike in gun crime we've recently seen in city?

The film will screen at Rainbow Cinemas next Thursday (April 20th @ 9pm) and Saturday (April 22nd @ 10pm).



moriah / April 23, 2006 at 07:46 am
Recently 8 men were murdered; they were alleged to be members of the Bandieros or some such gang. Do you think they listened to or were influenced by rap music?

Why can't white people deal with their own crap and stop trying to blame everyone else for their dysfuntional lives?
ryan / April 27, 2006 at 02:47 pm
Nice analogy.
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