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Thompson Hotel Toronto

Posted by Libby Roach / Posted on August 3, 2015

Thompson hotel torontoThe Thompson Hotel in Toronto has been open since June 2010, setting up shop at the corner of Wellington and Bathurst. The international chain, with locations in the US, UK and Mexico chose Toronto as their first Canadian location, although private residences take up a good portion of the real estate.

102 guestrooms are nothing to scoff at though, and happily the 900 square foot Executive Suite ($1250 a night) isn't either. While other room rates start at $399, if you really want to echo your inner pre-bankruptcy 50 Cent, then this suite is designed for you.

Thompson hotel torontoEquipped with two bathrooms (a powder room for your entourage and a full apartment sized bathroom for you) the suite boasts two flatscreen televisions, a full size (and fully stocked) fridge, microwave, a lounge area with floor to ceiling windows and views of the city, and of course, a plush king sized bed with no less than 300 thread count linens.

Thompson hotel torontoWhile the room amenities are no doubt top notch, the hotel itself, designed by Studio Gaia of NYC, also shares some swagger, the glitzy building is home to Colette Grand Café, Wildflower nightclub (separately owned) a trendy lobby bar, a 24 hour diner, and of course, the pristine rooftop patio.

Thompson hotel torontoAfter a rollicking pillow fight and some festive pre-gaming, a trip up to the rooftop patio was in order. We engaged in a boisterous game of Nicky Nicky Nine Doors (all the rooms are equipped with doorbells) as we made our way to the elevators and sashayed up to the 16th to take in the views.

Thompson hotel torontoShould you ever find yourself with an extra month's rent, this would be a fine place to make it rain, with posh cocktails and smart snacks set in a 360 panoramic view of the city.

While the crowd can seem pretentious at times, once you get to know the trust fund twins and their lady of the moment friends you'll be swimming through the 6 with them, in the swanky 40 foot infinity pool (which is in an unlicensed part of the bar).

Thompson hotel torontoSeaside shenanigans aside, the task of even gaining entrance has been an issue for some. Working off a membership only platform (with a rigorous interview process and waiting list to weed out the wannabes) admission is all but guaranteed for residents, hotel guests and those throwing splashy but tasteful pool parties.

Thompson hotel torontoWhile the Thompson Hotel may not be for everyone - reports of cabbies laying on the horn and boisterous party goers gallivanting into the wee hours have ticked off some residents, this lively part of town feels part and parcel to this demographic, one should expect some level of discord this close to clubland, and I for one, celebrate it.

Photos courtesy of the Thompson Hotel.


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