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Hourglass Workout / Gym

475 Queen St. West Website
Hourglass Workout

Hourglass Workout is a new fitness studio on Queen West, owned by fitness competitor and personal trainer Lyzabeth Lopez. Lopez has been featured on numerous television shows and was named...

Argon CrossFit / Gym

103 Richmond St. East 416.574.9550 Website
Argon CrossFit

Argon CrossFit is the newest gym for CrossFitters in downtown Toronto. Located on Richmond St., between Church and Jarvis, the gym's only been open for three weeks, but it's already...

Spinout Cycle / Spin

171 East Liberty St. #24 416.539.8778 Website
Spinout Cycle

Spinout Cycle is Toronto's newest spinning studio for A-Types and Technophiles. Located in Liberty Village, it was started by Hanya Kizemchuk, a former model-turned real estate investor, who fell in...

Power Institute / Gym

79 St. Nicholas St. 416.967.6937 Website
Power Institute

The Power Institute is a fitness studio located near Bloor and Yonge streets that utilizes vibration training with Power Plate equipment. In fact, they're the only facility in Ontario that...

The Monkey Vault / Adventure Sports

100 Symes Rd. 647.350.1111 Website
The Monkey Vault

The Monkey Vault is the only parkour-focused gym in Toronto. The jungle gym-like space at Keele and St. Clair serves as an indoor training ground designed to prep local fans...

Paul Brown Boxfit / Boxing

40 Wellesley St. E #400 416.706.6893 Website
Paul Brown Boxfit

Paul Brown Boxfit is a one-year-old training studio established by former pro fighter Paul Brown. It offers personal training as well as group fitness classes including boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing...

Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL Grounds) / Sporting Club

33 Villiers St. Website
Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL Grounds)

The Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL Grounds) has come a long way from the backyard. So far, in fact, that its new 7,000-plus-square-foot second location is an industrial-sized space nestled...

CrossFit Metric / Gym

756 Mt. Pleasant Rd. 416.901.0333 Website
CrossFit Metric

CrossFit Metric is a new CrossFit gym and wellness centre on Mt. Pleasant just south of Eglinton. Given that CrossFit gyms tend to be very bare bones, old-school gymnasium-type spaces,...

The Fitness Institute / Gym

2235 Sheppard Ave. E 416.491.5830 Website
The Fitness Institute

The Fitness Institute is an institution. Located in the ground level of a commercial building in North York on Sheppard Avenue, just west of Victoria Park, it is definitely...

Ultimate Athletics / Gym

1216 Yonge St. 416.922.8181 Website
Ultimate Athletics

Ultimate Athletics is a new fitness club on Yonge street south of Summerhill. If there is one thing I know about folks who live in Rosedale (besides their love of...

Hercinia Arts Collective / Circus School

51 Jefferson Ave 416.606.6559 Website
Hercinia Arts Collective

Hercinia Arts Collective is a three year old training space specializing in various types of dance and acrobatic skills. Located in the heart of Liberty Village, when I checked...

Track Fitness / Spin

328 Lonsdale Rd 416.481.7872 Website
Track Fitness

Track Fitness is something of a Forest Hill Village staple. The yoga studio was pretty steamy on the day I visited earlier this summer. Arriving midday on a Tuesday for...

Elite Martial Arts / Martial Arts

98 The Esplanade 647.406.9862 Website
Elite Martial Arts

Elite Martial Arts is the only krav maga training centre certified by the Krav Maga Association of Canada in downtown Toronto. Located in the Wynn Fitness studio on the Esplanade,...

CircuitFIT / Gym

542 Mount Pleasant Road 416.483.4500 Website

CircuitFIT is a perfect example of why you cannot judge a book by its cover, or in this case, judge a gym by its website. With its purple and white...

Movemeant Fitness Studio / Gym

850A Adelaide St. West Website
Movemeant Fitness Studio

Movemeant Fitness Studio described in one word would be personal. If I had to describe Movemeant's owner, Matt Kenny, in one word, it would be sincere. These are not...

Equinox Fitness Toronto / Gym

199 Bay St. 647.497.5158 Website
Equinox Fitness Toronto

Equinox, the U.S.-based fitness chain, opened its first Canadian location at Commerce Court a month ago. As a high-end club catering to the Bay Street folks with deep pockets...

Fuel Training Club / Gym

45 Camden St. #100 647.352.3835 Website
Fuel Training Club

Fuel Training Club opened a couple weeks ago near Queen and Spadina offering expert instruction and small group classes to those who (to paraphrase the website) work hard, play hard,...

Spirit Loft / Yoga

290 Carlaw Ave. Unit 201, 2nd Floor 416.841.2000 Website
Spirit Loft

Spirit Loft is a yoga and fitness studio in Leslieville run by former CFL football player, Andre Talbot and his life partner Catalina Moraga. Located on Carlaw, just south...

Blast Athletic / Gym

374 Dupont St 647.346.7399 Website
Blast Athletic

Blast Athletic is a two-year-old training facility where, rumour has it, hardcore fitness folks go. Located on Dupont, just west of Spadina, when you walk into Blast, you may wonder...

The Extension Room / Ballet

30 Eastern Ave 647.352.7041 Website
The Extension Room

The Extension Room has found a new home in a non-descript industrial building on Eastern Avenue, just east of Parliament. Step inside, and the bright, airy space evokes images of...

West Toronto CrossFit / Gym

142 Vine Avenue 647.268.3424 Website
West Toronto CrossFit

West Toronto CrossFit has brought this grassroots fitness movement to the Junction. Located in a multipurpose industrial building on a quiet side street just north of Dundas, West Toronto...

TRX TrainStation / Gym

75 Carl Hall Road, Unit #15??? 416.635.9200 Website
TRX TrainStation

TRX TrainStation is hard to find. Of course, if take the wrong left turn on approach as I did (I have 2 left feet), it makes it a lot...

Sky Zone Toronto / Trampoline

45 Esandar Drive 416.421.4567 Website
Sky Zone Toronto

Sky Zone Toronto is the second location of this trampoline park franchise opened by owner, Caroline Irving, in the GTA. Following on the heels of her popular outpost in Mississauga,...

Tidal CrossFit / Gym

1510 Danforth Ave 647.352.0322 Website
Tidal CrossFit

Tidal CrossFit recently opened a new location on the still somewhat rough-around-the-edges stretch of Danforth Avenue just west of Coxwell. The massive bare-bones space replaces their former digs just off...

Studio Lagree / Pilates

435 Spadina Rd. 647.352.2775 Website
Studio Lagree

Studio Lagree brings one of the latest Hollywood fitness trends to Toronto. Located in the heart of Forest Hill Village, it is the first Canadian studio offering the Lagree Fitness...

Aum Center Yoga / Yoga

468 Spadina Avenue 647.748.3030 Website
Aum Center Yoga

Aum Center Yoga has taken over Krudar Muay Thai's former location, and they're filling it with the power of deep breathing-based exercise, and joules, too (more on what those are...

Gravitate Studio / Gym

1947 Avenue Road Suite 206 416.783.4455 Website
Gravitate Studio

Gravitate Studio is located in a commercial strip of Avenue Road between Wilson and Lawrence, and the space--on a second floor above ground level stores--is surprisingly modest considering the exclusive...

Yogathletix / Yoga

911 Queen Street East Suite 201 647.748.0999 Website

Yogathletix is a newly-opened fitness studio on Queen Street, in Leslieville. The studio bills itself as "an intimate, non-intimidating yoga and fitness studio offering various forms of yoga and barefoot...

FitWall Toronto / Gym

1675 Bayview Avenue 647.748.8011 Website
FitWall Toronto

FitWall Toronto is the latest gym to offer (you guessed it) FitWall, which is one of the latest fitness trends to hit Toronto, but you probably haven't heard of it...

Joe Rockheads / Gym

29 Fraser Avenue 415.538.7670 Website
Joe Rockheads

Joe Rockhead's, established in 1990, was Canada's first indoor rock climbing gym, and recently celebrated 20 years at its current Liberty Village location. Born out of the owners' personal desire...

Krudar Muay Thai / Martial Arts

152 Augusta Ave. 416.923.5633 Website
Krudar Muay Thai

Krudar Muay Thai has moved from Chinatown to Kensington Market. Found on Augusta Avenue, just north of Dundas, Krudar occupies two floors of a building with an open class studio...

Hotel Yoga / Yoga

367 King St. West 647.998.9942 Website
Hotel Yoga

Hotel Yoga is the Shangri La Hotel's resident fitness area, and truly tries to emulate both the luxury of a hotel, and the serenity of a post-yoga-workout endorphin high. Having...

Barreworks / Ballet

625 Queen Street West, 3rd Floor 416.362.2773 Website

Barreworks studio offers "barre fitness" classes that are based on a popular exercise originating from New York and Los Angeles. Classes here promise dancer-inspired workouts that combine "fitness training, core...

Ferris360 / Gym

2028 Yonge Street 647.347.7707 Website

Ferris360 is a boutique-style gym that, according to the website, offers classes that are a combination of cardio, strength, power, core and flexibility exercises. Going in, my knowledge didn't extend...

Combat Asylum / Boxing

388 Carlaw Ave. 647.350.7152 Website
Combat Asylum

Combat Asylum has a pretty steady 20 per cent turnover rate, and owner Michael (Mike) Hysong says dropouts usually cite two main reasons: "It's too hard," Mike says, "and there's...

Siam #1s Old School Muay Thai / Martial Arts

225 Richmond St. West 416.436.0226 Website
Siam #1s Old School Muay Thai

Old School Muay Thai is really old school but they do it in the most refreshing way. Like the name suggests there is nothing fancy about this gym. It's a...

Squared Circle Training / Wrestling

320 Deerhide Crescent 416.346.0809 Website
Squared Circle Training

Squared Circle Training is a bit tricky to locate. It's tucked away on a warehouse-filled crescent west of Hwy. 400. There are no signs announcing its presence. Its only tells...

Reebok Crossfit Liberty Village / Gym

37 Mowat Avenue 647.343.7309 Website
Reebok Crossfit Liberty Village

Reebok Crossfit Liberty Village has been providing crossfit training to the area for just six weeks when I stroll in, hopped up on Red Bull and ready to take on...

Academy of Lions / Gym

64 Ossington Avenue 416.538.4967 Website
Academy of Lions

Academy of Lions is one of a few options for west ender's looking for a CrossFit-affiliated work out space. Newly settled into its third location near Ossington and Dundas, the...

Ginga Fitness / Martial Arts

34 Doncaster Ave Unit 6 416.460.0284 Website
Ginga Fitness

Ginga Fitness, the world's first Ginga studio has opened in Toronto, nestled between a tire store and a spa just North of the city. Classes are run by fitness guru...

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Recent Comments

  • Argon CrossFit Hey Ken, We have a trainer who trains for powerlifting competitions and has the certification as well - this is being updated on the website. All of the trainers have their...
  • Argon CrossFit What kind of qualifications do the trainers have? Especially to teach the more complex olympic lifts and such? I am not seeing any trainer bios on the website.
  • Hourglass Workout I have been on and off with hourglass monthly since last year and was finally able to commit to the 3 month challenge and as it is coming to an...
  • Hourglass Workout You get what you pay for. Sure it's expensive, but it's worth it. Atmosphere: check Fun: check Badass workouts: DOUBLE check Soreness that lasts all day: TRIPLE check
  • Hourglass Workout I have attended classes at Hourglass and the experience was amazing!!Lyzabeth and her team motivate and inspire you to achieve results that you rarely see unless you have an expensive...
  • Hourglass Workout I have been doing hourglass for the last 3 months and it is worth every penny. The individual attention you receive throughout the class makes it feel like a...
  • Hourglass Workout Hourglass offers a FULL week FREE for all new guests who want to check out the facility :) Totally worth it!!
  • Hourglass Workout Hourglass Workout is amazing! felt exactly the same way on my first day !!
  • Hourglass Workout nope not just you. I guess they expect a bunch of losers to pay it thinking they are getting some sort of special workout worth $35 a pop. NO THNAKS
  • Hourglass Workout $35 a CLASS? Am I the only one that thinks that's a ridiculous price, for a group class? Circuit style? :-/
  • Union Studio It sucks that they just closed and left members with no explanation or refund. Not cool.
  • Argon CrossFit Pamela: check our website amd give us a call to come see what we are about! Dave: like Sarah said, no cardio machines doesn't mean there is no cardio - we...
  • Extreme Fitness Stay connected with legislators so that your breed may be protected from media sensation that creates Breed Specific Legislation. Housebreaking entails persistence, kindness as well as awareness. Ear infections can be...
  • Argon CrossFit Awesome! I'm inspired! I want to join! Where do I sign up!
  • Argon CrossFit Dave: currently we substitute with running outside...rowers are on the way though!
  • Argon CrossFit Been looking for one around this area
  • Argon CrossFit if there is no cardio how are your members going to do when it comes to rowing on the ergometer... just sayin
  • Bloor Street Boxing and Fitness Hello Lisa, I am very sorry to hear that you have not been serviced properly! You can give me a call at 416 535 2699 and I will deal with it immediately.
  • Kingsway Boxing To Virgil, so true man. And they must be out of their minds thinking this place isn't for beginners. They have no champions at all. No competitors...
  • Xtreme Couture John, Can you elaborate on "exceptional" equipment and "excellent" learning advantage? Cause the last time I checked they were missing 80 lbs dumbbells for over 2 years, 1/2 their...
  • Reebok Crossfit Liberty Village Of all the CF boxes in the GTA, this is one of the top. Programming is intense but thoroughly thought out and progressive! I really like how they...
  • CrossFit Metric That is pretty expensive pricing for a crossfit gym.
  • Yonge Street Fitness Club Does anyone know Lynn; the Yoga Instructor and where she is now? She was an Amazeballs Yoga teacher!
  • Hard Candy Fitness Toronto If you are looking for a hard core training session, go to Fit Factory Fitness. I am a member and I love every minute of it. It's military style training...
  • Openmat Mixed Martial Arts This play is "okay" if you can AFFORD it. It is the most expensive martial arts place in Toronto (possibly North America). I signed up for the plan which allowed...
  • The King West Club I train peeps here and also trained myself here- the bathrooms are squeaky-clean. I don't shower at gyms - too much gear to lug around, plus I detox all the...
  • Florida Jacks Update - Florida Jacks will probably give you a free boxing class try out if you ask nice : ) And ya the weights area is small and cozy,...
  • Xtreme Couture lol John. What time is your shift there?
  • Reebok Crossfit Liberty Village OMG like I have been going here for like a week and the guys are like totally creepy. Jordan is so touchy feely and pays wayyyyyyyy too much attention...
  • Reebok Crossfit Liberty Village I totally agree with Summer regarding the gym and definitely feel the same way, unfortunately, about Jordan. Sad to say, especially since he's an owner of the place, if...

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